Chacamarca Historical Sanctuary

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Chacamarca Historical Sanctuary
Obelisk of Chacamarca
Location Peru, Junín Region
Coordinates 11°12′59″S 75°58′12″W / 11.21639°S 75.97000°W / -11.21639; -75.97000Coordinates: 11°12′59″S 75°58′12″W / 11.21639°S 75.97000°W / -11.21639; -75.97000

The Chacamarca Historical Sanctuary[1] (possibly from Aymara and Quechua chaka bridge, marka village, town, location, "bridge village or location", Spanish usage Santuario Histórico de Chacamarca) is a 2,500-hectare historical site in the central highlands of Peru within the Junín Region, Junín Province. The sanctuary protects the site of the Battle of Junín in 1824 and the archaeological remains of the Pumpu culture.


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