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Chameleon (composition)

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Instrumental by Herbie Hancock
from the album Head Hunters
Released1973 (1973)
RecordedSeptember 1973
GenreFunk,[1] jazz-funk[2]

"Chameleon" is a jazz fusion standard composed by Herbie Hancock with Bennie Maupin, Paul Jackson and Harvey Mason,[3] all of whom also performed the original 15:44 full-length version on the 1973 album Head Hunters,[4] and featuring solos by Hancock and Maupin. The 9:41 edit omits an out-of-tune segment, features a new bassline added in at around 6:40 and new instruments added in post-production.


The song has a characteristic bass line and is set to a funk beat. For the most part, it is built entirely on a two-chord vamp: a i-IV in B Dorian (Bm7 and E7).[5] The piece's signature 12-note bass line was played by Hancock on an ARP Odyssey,[6][7] as was one of the keyboard solos. The other keyboard solo was played on a Rhodes piano.

Chart performance[edit]

Chart (1974) Peak
US Billboard Hot 100[8] 42
US Billboard Hot Soul Singles[9] 18

Other recordings[edit]

The piece is one of the most widely recognized jazz standards, and has become standard repertoire in many small jazz ensembles. It has been performed by various artists including:


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