Chapel of the Shepherd's Field

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Shepherds' Field Chapel
Sanctuary Gloria in excelsis Deo
Christmas Church (Bethlehem)3.jpg
Shepherds' Field Chapel is located in the West Bank
Shepherds' Field Chapel
Shepherds' Field Chapel
31°42′26.3″N 35°13′48.4″E / 31.707306°N 35.230111°E / 31.707306; 35.230111Coordinates: 31°42′26.3″N 35°13′48.4″E / 31.707306°N 35.230111°E / 31.707306; 35.230111
Country Palestine
DenominationRoman Catholic Church
Architect(s)Antonio Barluzzi

The Shepherds' Field Chapel[1] is the name given to a religious building of the Catholic church[2] that is in the area of Beit Sahur[3] southeast of Bethlehem in the West Bank in Palestine. The chapel marks the place where, according to Catholic tradition, the angels first announced the birth of Christ.


It is a chapel built by the Franciscans[4] and that is quite close, but separated from another church dedicated to the same event, but belonging to the Greek Orthodox Church.[5] Its history dates back to the fifth century, when the first sanctuary was built at this site. The present chapel was built near the ruins of an ancient monastery in 1953[6][self-published source] after the design of architect Antonio Barluzzi and decorated with images of the Annunciation to the shepherds[citation needed] and childhood of Jesus.[dubious ]


It has five apses that mimic the structure of a nomadic tent in gray. The words of the angel to the shepherds incristas gold. Under the church is a large cave. An image depicting the birth of Jesus can be seen in the place.[7] The Status Quo, a 250-year old understanding between religious communities, applies to the site.[8][9]


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