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Hartland Institute, officially Hartland Institute of Health and Education, is a self-supporting Seventh-day Adventist educational organization operated by members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.[1] It is located in Rapidan, Virginia in the United States. The institution was established in 1983.

It consists of Hartland College, a Christian missionary college. It also runs a lifestyle center,[1] a K-9 school, and a bookstore. Its lifestyle center offers natural healing techniques and hydrotherapy. Its educational training program is centered on the Bible and the counsels of Ellen White. It is also the home of the traveling singing group The Three Angels' Chorale, its touring choir. They have trimonthly convocations which include sermons and songs.

Its first president was Colin Standish [1983-2011]. Key figures in the history of Hartland Institute include Dr. Colin Standish and Hal Mayer. Since March 2011 Norbert Restrepo, Jr. [born 1970] assumed the role of the new President of Hartland Institute. He was elected in May 2010 by the Hartland Institute Board's unanimous vote. When selected, he was the Director of Las Delicias Institute located in Armenia, Colombia, South America, for 14 years [1996-2010].


Hartland opened in 1983,[1] with Hartland Publications established in 1984.

Hartland College[edit]

Hartland College
Motto Catch the Vision
Type Private, Bible College
Established 1983
Affiliation Religious/Conservative
President Norbert Restrepo Jr
Location Rapidan, VA, United States
Campus Rural
Website www.hartland.edu

Hartland College is a division of Hartland Institute of Health and Education in Rapidan, VA, United States.

Founded in 1983 as one of the original divisions of Hartland, it claims to be an "expressly Christian missionary college"[2] and focuses on preparing students to be conservative, religious missionaries around the world.

Hartland College offers bachelor's degrees in Christian Elementary Education, Christian Secondary Education, Health Ministry, Health Education, Christian Media Management, Christian Publications Management, Bible Instruction, and Pastoral Evangelism. In addition to academic studies, the students learn practical skills including agriculture, auto mechanics, landscaping, food preparation, and the basics of medical missionary work.

It has one main building, the mansion, which hosts its administrative and business offices, cafeteria, library, and chapel. It also has a music building where music and writing classes are taught, a media center for technology classes, and a lifestyle center at which they accept health guests and train their health students in preventive medicine. Hartland College has chosen[citation needed] to be not accredited by any accreditation body recognized in the US.


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