Circum Peak

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Location of Weddell Island in the Falkland Islands
Satellite image of Weddell Island

Circum Peak is a mountain rising to 198 m (650 ft)[1] in the southeast part of Weddell Island in the Falkland Islands. It is located at 51°55′45″S 60°55′27″W / 51.92917°S 60.92417°W / -51.92917; -60.92417Coordinates: 51°55′45″S 60°55′27″W / 51.92917°S 60.92417°W / -51.92917; -60.92417, which is 2.12 km (1.32 mi) southeast of Mount Weddell, and surmounts New Year Cove to the southeast and Gull Harbour to the northeast.




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