Pillar Bluff

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Location of Weddell Island in the Falkland Islands
Satellite image of Weddell Island

Pillar Bluff is a headland projecting 1.1 km from the southwest coast of Weddell Island in the Falkland Islands and forming the west side of the entrance to Pillar Cove.[1] It is located at 51°55′47″S 61°05′44″W / 51.92972°S 61.09556°W / -51.92972; -61.09556Coordinates: 51°55′47″S 61°05′44″W / 51.92972°S 61.09556°W / -51.92972; -61.09556, which is 9.3 km northwest of Race Point, 1.8 km northeast of Horse Block, 4 km southeast of Weddell Point and 9.8 km west of Mount Weddell.




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