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The Close encounter of Cussac is the name given to claims of a close encounter with alien beings by a young brother and sister in Cussac, Cantal, France.[1]

On Aug. 29, 1967, a 13-year-old boy and his 9-year-old sister told local police they were watching cows in a field and saw "four small black beings about 47 inches tall" who appeared to rise in the air and enter "a round spaceship, about 15 feet in diameter" that was hovering over the field. The police noted "sulfur odor and the dried grass" at the place where the sphere was alleged to have taken off. The children's story is one of the reports of UFO sightings investigated by the French government made public in a mass release of documents in March 2007, which received so many hits on its first day that the site crashed.[2]

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