List of reported UFO sightings

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Most commonly reported shapes in UFO sightings gathered by the National UFO Reporting Center Online Database (NUFORC)[1]

This is a list of notable reported sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and related claims of close encounters or abductions. UFO's are generally considered to include any perceived aerial phenomenon that cannot be immediately identified or explained. Upon investigation, most UFOs are identified as known objects or atmospheric phenomena, while a small number remain unexplained.[2][3][4]


Date Name Location Description
c. 1450 BC Thutmose III Jebel Barkal Stele A​FAF, Ancient Egypt; Jebel Barkal, Lower Egypt After conquering the ancient Nubian city of Napata, Thutmose III had a stele erected at the Temple of Amun, beneath the cobra-shaped Jebel Barkal outcropping.[5] The stele describes how "a star came down" to set fire to Thutmose's adversaries.[6][7] The incident has been cited by many ufologists via the purported Tulli Papyrus, considered by Edward Condon to be a likely fraud.[8] The alleged translation of the papyrus—published in issue 41 of the Fortean Society's magazine Doubt—included such Fortean tropes as "circles of fire" and fish that "fell down from the sky".[9]: 369–372 
218 BC Ships in the sky E​UEU, Roman Republic; Rome, Italia During the build-up to the Second Punic War, Livy recorded prodigies in the winter sky, including navium speciem de caelo adfulsisse ("phantom ships had been seen gleaming in the sky").[10][11]
76 BC Spark from a falling star A​SAS, Roman Republic; Asia According to Pliny the Elder, a spark fell from a star and grew as it descended until it appeared to be the size of the Moon. It then ascended back up to the heavens and was transformed into a torch. Astronomer Richard Stothers interpreted the report as a description of a bolide.[12][13]
7 BC Flame-like wine-jars from the sky A​SAS, Roman Republic; Phrygia, Asia According to Plutarch, a Roman army commanded by Lucullus was about to begin a battle with Mithridates VI of Pontus when "the sky burst asunder, and a huge, flame-like body was seen to fall between the two armies". Plutarch reports the shape of the object as like a wine-jar (pithos).[14][11]
AD 65 Sky army A​SAS, Roman Empire; Judaea Romano-Jewish historian Flavius Josephus reported chariots "hurtling through the clouds" prior to the First Jewish–Roman War.[11]
AD 196 Angel hair E​UEU, Roman Empire; Rome, Italia Historian Cassius Dio described "A fine rain resembling silver descended from a clear sky upon the Forum of Augustus." He used some of the material to plate some of his bronze coins, but by the fourth day afterwards, the silvery coating was gone.[11]
AD c. 740 Air ship of Clonmacnoise E​UEU, Ireland; Teltown in County Meath, and Clonmacnoise in County Offaly Several sets of Irish annals, those of Ulster, Tigernach, Clonmacnoise, and the Four Masters, all have entries to the effect that "ships with their crews were seen in the air".[15]

16th–17th centuries[edit]

Date Name Location Description
1561-4-14 1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg E​UEU, Holy Roman Empire; Nuremberg, Bavaria Residents of Nuremberg described an aerial battle, followed by the appearance of a large black triangular object, and then a crash outside of the city. A broadsheet recorded that witnesses observed hundreds of spheres, cylinders and other odd-shaped objects that moved erratically overhead.[16]
1566-8-7 1566 celestial phenomenon over Basel E​UEU, Switzerland; Basel, Basel A broadsheet published in 1566 depicted numerous spherical objects appearing out of the sun.[16] The event was recorded and depicted by Samuel Coccius, "a student of the Holy Scripture and of the free arts, at Basel".[17]
1609-9-22 Gwanghaegun period UFO Turmoil A​SAS, Joseon (Korea); Gangwon Province On September 22, 1609, multiple witnesses reported seeing UFOs in Goseong, Wonju Gangneung at 사시 (9–11 am), Chuncheon County at 오시 (11 am – 1 pm) and Yangyang County at 미시 (1–3 pm). They described a Halo or washbowl that was divided in two.[18]

19th century[edit]

Date Name Location Description
1803-2-22 or 1803-3-24 Utsuro-bune at Haratono-hama A​SAS, Japan; Hitachi Province In 1803, local fishermen reportedly found a closed vessel with small windows adrift. They said when they investigated it that "a beautiful young woman" with red and white hair and dressed in strange clothes emerged, holding a square box "that no one was allowed to touch" and that she spoke to them in a language they had never heard before.[19]
1883-8-12 Bonilla observation N​ANA, Mexico; Zacatecas Observatory, Zacatecas On August 12, the astronomer José Bonilla counted over 400 dark, unidentified objects crossing the sun while observing sunspot activity at Zacatecas Observatory in Mexico. He was able to take photographs, exposing wet plates at 1/100 second. He published an account of the event three years later in L'Astronomie, a French astronomy journal.[20][21]
1896-11-17 to 1897-4-23 Mystery airships N​ANA, United States Newspapers across California, and later other states, printed reports of strange airships. Common elements of the descriptions included flapping wings, a cigar-shaped body, and a metal hull.[22]
1897-4-17 Aurora, Texas, UFO incident N​ANA, United States; Aurora, Texas Local correspondent S.E. Hayden reported the crash of an airship piloted by an alien. According to Hayden, the spaceman was buried in the local cemetery. Residents of Aurora embrace the story without taking it seriously.[23][24]

20th century[edit]


Date Name Location Description
1907 Mihal Grameno UFO E​UEU, Ottoman Empire; Albania Mihal Grameno a distinguished Albanian journalist, writer, and activist writes in The Albanian Uprising, "One night, while the fighters of Çerçiz were stationed at the top of a high mountain, a shiny object flew in front of us, stood suspended in the air for several minutes, and then disappeared"[25][26][27]
1909 New Zealand airship sightings O​COC, New Zealand; Otago In August 1909, moving and whirring lights were reported in the sky around Otago. In the following months, many sightings were reported across New Zealand with varying descriptions of the craft and crew.[28][29][30]
1917-8-13, 1917-9-13, 1917-10-13 Miracle of the Sun E​UEU, Portugal; Fátima, Santarém District Thousands of people gathered in Fátima based on reported Marian apparitions and observed bizarre solar activity. Catholic bishop José Alves Correia da Silva declared the miracle "worthy of belief" on 13 October 1930, and the primarily Catholic witnesses viewed the event in religious terms. Later, Jacques Vallée, Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada interpreted it as a mass UFO sighting.[31][32][33]
1940 c. 1940 Foo fighters I​CIC, Over World War II theaters During World War II, allied fighter pilots above Europe reported colorful balls of light following their aircraft at high speeds.[34]
1941 c. 1941 Cape Girardeau UFO legend N​ANA, United States; Cape Girardeau, Missouri A local legend first gained wider attention in the 1980s when resident Charlotte Mann claimed in interviews that her father, Reverend William Huffman of the Red Star Baptist Church, had administered last rites for the dying crew of a crashed flying saucer.[35][36][37]
1942-2-24 Battle of Los Angeles N​ANA, United States; Los Angeles, California Just months after the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor, U.S. radar stations picked up an unidentified aerial object in the early morning. For several hours, anti-aircraft artillery fired thousands of rounds into the searchlight-scoured sky. The LA Times reported that “the air over Los Angeles erupted like a volcano.”[38][39]
1945 Trinity UFO Case New Mexico A local rancher and children claimed to see an egg-shaped or avocado-shaped craft crash in the New Mexico desert. One of the rancher's family members was blinded in one eye by the light from the blast. It was claimed that there were occupants seen inside the craft, and that later authorities arrived and loaded it onto a trailer.[40]
1946 The Ghost Rockets E​UEU, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe Thousands of UFO sightings were reported over Europe. Due in part to concerns that foreign governments were testing recovered experimental German technology, the Swedish and Greek governments investigated the reports separately.[41]
1946-5-18 Ängelholm UFO memorial E​UEU, Sweden; Ängelholm, Kristianstads County Swedish entrepreneur Gösta Carlsson, the founder and owner of Cernelle AB, attributes his success to a 1946 UFO encounter. Decades later, he erected a concrete monument in the clearing where he says the flying saucer landed.[42]
1947-6-21 Maury Island incident N​ANA, United States; Puget Sound near Maury Island, Washington Fred Crisman mailed an account from employee Harold A. Dahl, along with a cigar box of metal wreckage, to Raymond A. Palmer who had previously published the Shaver Mystery stories. Dahl claimed that his dog was killed and his son was injured by debris in an encounter with six flying doughnut-shaped objects. He also reported that he was subsequently threatened by Men in Black. On July 31, 1947, Palmer arranged a meeting between Crisman, Dahl, Air Force investigators, and flying saucer witnesses Kenneth Arnold & Emil Smith.[43][44]
1947-6-24 Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting N​ANA, United States; North of Mount Rainier, Washington Private pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying near Mount Rainier when he reported seeing a group of reflective craft moving at high speeds and flashing in the sun like mirrors. Bill Bequette of the East Oregonian, who first interviewed Arnold, summarized the sighting as, "nine saucer-like aircraft flying in formation." This introduced the term flying saucers, and Arnold's sighting sparked an explosion of UFO reports around the country.[45][46][47][48]
1947 c. 1947 1947 flying disc craze N​ANA, United States; Washington and other states After the Kenneth Arnold sighting was reported in the news, over 800 similar sightings were reported throughout 1947.[49][50]
1947-7-4 Flight 105 UFO sighting N​ANA, United States; En route from Boise, Idaho to Pendleton, Oregon A United Airlines crew including Captain Emil Smith, co-pilot Ralph Stephens, and stewardess Marty Morrow witnessed nine unidentified objects. Believing them to be aircraft, Smith flashed the plane's landing lights intending to alert the objects which he described as "smooth on the bottom and rough appearing on top".[51][52]
1947-7-8 The Roswell Incident N​ANA, United States; about 30 mi. north of Roswell, New Mexico Walter Haut, a United States Army Air Forces spokesperson, issued a press release announcing the "capture" of a "flying saucer". Hours later, the Army announced that the find was a crashed weather balloon. In 1978, the case regained attention after Jesse Marcel, the Army Officer who recovered the wreckage, told UFO researchers that the weather balloon explanation was a cover story. In 1994, the Air Force attributed the incident to the previously classified Project Mogul.[53]
1948 c. 1948 The Green Fireballs N​ANA, United States; New Mexico and other parts of the Southwestern United States The US Air Force investigated reports of green flares streaking across the sky after an Air Force C-47 transport encountered a green ball of fire on 5 December 1948. The pilot, Captain Goede, described the object as larger than a meteor and not arching downward as a meteor would. The Air Force investigation was inconclusive.[54][55]
1948-1-7 Mantell UFO incident N​ANA, United States; Kentucky The flight tower at Godman Army Airfield instructed Captain Thomas Mantell to pursue a UFO sighted over Fort Knox, Kentucky. His aircraft crashed while in pursuit and Mantell died in Franklin, Kentucky. According to the historical marker placed on Interstate 65 near the site it "is still uncertain what Mantell was pursuing".[56]
1948-3-25 Aztec, New Mexico UFO hoax N​ANA, United States; New Mexico Conmen Silas Newton and Leo Gebauer sold "magnetic oil-detecting machines" based on the story that they had replicated technology from a crashed spaceship. The pair were convicted of fraud in 1953. Elements of their story regarding a crashed ship with occupants were later entangled in the Roswell narrative.[57][58][59]
1948-7-24 Chiles-Whitted UFO encounter N​ANA, United States; Montgomery, Alabama Clarence Chiles and John Whitted, American commercial pilots, reported that their airplane had nearly collided with a UFO near Montgomery. According to the pilots the object "looked like a wingless seemed to have two rows of windows through which glowed a very bright light, as brilliant as a magnesium flare."[60][61]
1948-10-1 Gorman dogfight N​ANA, United States; North Dakota A US Air Force pilot sighted and pursued a UFO for 27 minutes over Fargo, North Dakota. According to US Air Force officer Edward J. Ruppelt, this was one of three cases, along with the Mantell incident and Chiles-Whitted encounter, that shifted the Air Force's attitude about UFO reports leading to the creation of Project Blue Book.[62][63]


Date Name Location Description
1950-5-11 McMinnville UFO photographs N​ANA, United States; a farm near McMinnville, Oregon A farmer took pictures of a purported "flying saucer". These were the first flying saucer photographs since the coining of the term.[64]
1950-8-15 Mariana UFO incident N​ANA, United States; Great Falls, Montana The manager of Great Falls' pro baseball team took color film of two UFOs flying over Great Falls. The film was extensively analyzed by the US Air Force and several independent investigators.[65][66]
1951-8-25 Lubbock Lights N​ANA, United States; Lubbock, Texas Several Lights in V-Shaped formations were repeatedly spotted flying over the city. Witnesses included W. I. Robinson, A. G. Oberg, and W. L. Ducker, professors of geology, chemical engineering, and petroleum engineering respectively. Teenage student Carl Hart Jr. photographed the lights[67]
1952-7-12 to 1952-7-29 1952 Washington, D.C. UFO incident N​ANA, United States; Washington, D.C. A series of sightings in July 1952 accompanied radar contacts in the Washington area. These were the first sightings to be widely and seriously reported as potentially physical craft operated by intelligent life from another planet. In response, the CIA formed the Robertson Panel which advised Project Blue Book to "strip the Unidentified Flying Objects of the special status they have been given and the aura of mystery they have unfortunately acquired."[68][69][70]
1952-7-14 Nash-Fortenberry UFO sighting N​ANA, United States; Norfolk, Virginia William B. Nash and William H. Fortenberry, pilots of a DC-4 airliner of Pan American Airways, radioed the Norfolk civil aviation authority to report eight large, round, glowing red objects.[71][72]
1952-9-12 The Flatwoods Monster N​ANA, United States; Flatwoods, West Virginia Three local boys followed a bright object into the forest to what they believed was a UFO landing. They went to the nearby home of Kathleen May who accompanied them back to the spot along with 2 other children and teenage National Guardsman Eugene Lemon. In the forest, they smelled a foul odor and saw what May described as a tall figure with claws and "a head that resembled the ace of spades".[73]
1954-10-27 Fiorentina Stadium Mass Sighting E​UEU, Italy; Stadio Artemio Franchi in Florence A football game between Fiorentina and Pistoiese was under way at the Stadio Artemio Franchi when a group of UFOs traveling at high speed abruptly stopped over the stadium. The stadium became silent as the crowd of around 10,000 spectators witnessed the event and described the UFOs as cigar shaped.[74][75]
1955-8-21 to 1955-8-22 Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter N​ANA, United States; A farmhouse near Hopkinsville, Kentucky At a rural farmhouse, eleven people witnessed creatures in the night. Two of the men opened fire with a shotgun and rifle, and the entire group later fled to the Hopkinsville police station. The creatures have been variously described as goblins, aliens, "little green men", owls, and circus monkeys. Four officers, five state troopers, three deputies, and four military police investigated the farmhouse finding bullet holes but no monsters. The story has had a broad impact on popular culture.[76][77][78]
1956-7-24 Lakenheath-Bentwaters incident E​UEU, United Kingdom; Suffolk, England United States Air Force (USAF) and Royal Air Force (RAF) radar operators (from Lakenheath RAF Station, Bentwaters RAF Station, and Sculthorpe RAF Station) detected up to 15 objects over Suffolk. An RAF pilot was sent out from Waterbeach RAF Station in a de Havilland Venom, a jet aircraft with Airborne Interception radar. The pilot reported spotting the object on radar and visually observing a luminous white object that moved behind his craft when he attempted to intercept.[79][80]
1956-8-13 Elizabeth Klarer A​FAF, South Africa; Drakensberg A series of photos depicting a supposed UFO, were taken on 24 July near Rosetta in the Drakensberg region. The photographer, meteorologist Elizabeth Klarer, claimed detailed adventures with an alien race including having had an alien lover, Akon, who would have fathered her son Ayling.[81][82]
1957-5-3 Gordon Cooper UFO Sightings N​ANA, United States; Edwards Air Force Base, California

Gordon Cooper, one of the original Project Mercury astronauts, witnessed a type of metallic craft without wings flying over Germany in the 1950s. At the time, Cooper believed these to be Soviet aircraft. His attitude later changed after an incident at Edwards Air Force Base. Cooper sent a crew of James Bittick and Jack Gettys out to a dry lake bed to set up data-recording photography equipment. Cooper said the two men, both familiar with experimental aircraft, came back shaken and talking about witnessing a wingless aircraft with retractable legs silently land and take off near them. Cooper reported the incident to The Pentagon which asked for all photographs of the craft. Cooper looked at the photos before sending them off and felt that the government covered up a UFO encounter.[83][84]

1957-5-20 Milton Torres 1957 UFO Encounter E​UEU, United Kingdom; East Anglia U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Milton Torres reports that he was ordered to intercept and fire on a UFO displaying "very unusual flight patterns" over East Anglia. Ground radar operators tracked what was believed to be an unidentified aircraft for some time before Torres' plane was scrambled to intercept.[85][86][87][88]
1957-10-15 Antônio Vilas-Boas Abduction SASA, Brazil; Near São Francisco de Sales, Minas Gerais Law student, Antônio Vilas-Boas, described being abducted by humanoid aliens and taken aboard their egg-shaped craft. He also said that he was confined within a small round room where he was compelled to have sex with a four foot tall alien woman.[89]
1957-11-2 Levelland UFO case N​ANA, United States; Levelland, Texas Numerous drivers observed glowing objects hovering over the highway. They described them as approximately 200 feet long and shaped like eggs or cigars. The appearance of these lights was immediately followed by electrical failures including ignition failures in their cars.[90][91]
1957-11-4 Kirtland AFB UFO sighting N​ANA, United States; Albuquerque, New Mexico Two Civil Aeronautics Administration tower operators observed an egg-shaped object emitting a white light beneath it come down to the Kirtland AFB runway as if landing. At seven times magnification through binoculars, they could see neither wings, tail, nor fuselage. They watched the object come to a stop several feet above the ground, hover, and then rapidly ascend. The operators then called CAA Radar Approach Control who tracked the object on radar.[79][80]
1961-4-18 Simonton pancake incident N​ANA, United States; Eagle River, Vilas County Wisconsin Chicken farmer Joe Simonton was approached by "Italian looking" aliens who stopped off at his farm for water and offering pancakes in return from the window of the UFO.[92][93]
1961-9-19 Betty and Barney Hill abduction N​ANA, United States; South of Lancaster on Route 3, New Hampshire The Hills reported the first alien abduction experience to be widely spread in English-language publications. While driving home, they observed a light move through the sky and land ahead of them. Barney Hill said that, against his will, he turned the car down a side road towards the light, where he found six small humanoid beings waiting for them. Betty Hill reported that they inserted a needle through her navel among other vaguely medical tests.[94]
1963 Kallamishtez UFO incident E​UEU, Albania; Kurvelesh In January 1963, residents of the village of Kallamishtëz in the Kurvelesh area reported seeing a bright object in the sky. Albanian authorities attempted to calm the population by telling them that what they had seen was not a UFO, but rather a new model of a jet plane being used by the Albanian Air Force.[26][27]
1964-4-24 Lonnie Zamora incident N​ANA, United States; Socorro, New Mexico Police officer Lonnie Zamora investigated a roaring sound. Zamora and a nearby tourist found a craft that took off shortly after their arrival. The craft left impressions in the ground that did not aid in identification.[95]
1964-9-18 until 9-24 Dwikora Operation UFO incident A​SAS, Surabaya, Indonesia Officer Jacob Salatun—founder of the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space in Indonesia—wrote several books on UFOs and founded an organization to study UFO reports after he served as Minister of Industry. According to Salatun, one night during the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation, pilots reported seeing and shooting at a dark, mango-shaped craft with colored lights. Salatun claims that fragments of the military's shells struck individuals outside of their homes in Sidoarjo.[96]
1965-6-4 Project Gemini UFO O​SOS, Low Earth orbit; Above Hawaii During Gemini 4, astronaut James McDivitt spotted a white cylinder with a protruding arm traveling in his orbit. McDivitt has said that it was impossible for him to assign scale to the object against the black background of space, saying that it could have been small enough to hold in his hands or "the size of the Empire State Building."[97]
1965-9-3 The Incident at Exeter N​ANA, United States; Exeter, New Hampshire Numerous people reported pulsating UFOs in Exeter, New Hampshire. The events were the subject of The Incident at Exeter by John G. Fuller.[98]
1965-7-1 The Valensole UFO incident E​UEU, France; Valensole, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur French farmer, Maurice Massé, witnessed a spherical vehicle in his lavender field. He noticed and approached two individuals that he observed near the vehicle, but after one pointed a tube in his direction, he stood still feeling paralyzed. He described the beings as child-sized, pale, large-headed, with only holes where a mouth should be. Massé said that after they left in their vehicle, he was never again able to grow a healthy plant in the area where the craft had landed. He did not personally comment on the effect this had on him, saying, "One always says too much." His wife reported that the man was plagued with exhaustion for months, that he had confessed some type of communication to her, and that it was a "spiritual experience" for her husband.[99][100]
1965-12-9 Kecksburg UFO incident N​ANA, United States; Kecksburg, Pennsylvania Local newspapers and newscasts reported a fireball observed in the skies over Kecksburg. According to some residents, they found an acorn-shaped object in the woods. The U.S. military closed off the area to investigate and reported no evidence of a crash. A model built for Unsolved Mysteries is kept on display by the fire department, which leads an annual UFO celebration.[101][102][103]
1966-4-6 Westall UFO O​COC, Australia; Clayton South, Victoria Several hundred students and school faculty watched an object land at the Grange Reserve for horses, lift off, and vanish. Witnesses of "The Clayton Incident" still gather for reunions.[104]
1967-8-29 Close encounter of Cussac E​UEU, France; near Cussac, Auvergne A 13-year-old boy and his younger sister reported an incident to their father, local police, and investigators. According to police reports, they witnessed a brilliant sphere and four small black occupants while herding cattle outside their village.[105]
1967-10-4 Shag Harbour UFO incident N​ANA, Canada; Gulf of Maine near Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia Royal Canadian Mounted Police and six civilians reported that a large illuminated object crashed into Shag Harbour. A Department of National Defence underwater search followed, but located no physical evidence.[106][107]
1969-1-6 Jimmy Carter UFO incident N​ANA, United States; Leary, Georgia While governor of Georgia, future president Jimmy Carter filed a written report of a "luminous, not solid" light over Leary, Georgia in 1969.[108]
1969-4-12 Finnish Air Force sighting E​UEU, Finland; Pori Finnish pilot Jouko Kuronen overheard a radio conversation between air traffic control and fighter pilot Tarmo Tukeva. Tukeva was ordered to investigate "seven balloons" visible from Kuronen's position in the sky. Kuronen described the objects as discs that accelerated in formation against the wind at speeds not feasible for balloons.[109]
1969-9-1 Labor Day 1969 UFO Incident N​ANA, United States; Berkshire County, Massachusetts Four families with no prior connection alleged that they saw a UFO, were moved by a beam of light, and lost several hours of time. The Great Barrington Historical Society recognized the accounts as a "historical event" in 2015.[110]
1973-10-11 Pascagoula Abduction N​ANA, United States; Pascagoula, Mississippi Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were fishing from a pier on the Pascagoula River when they say that they heard whirring sounds and witnessed a craft over 30 feet long with flashing lights. Both men say they were paralyzed and then taken by humanoids with "robotic slit-mouths" and "crab-like pincers".[111][112]
1974-1-23 Berwyn Mountain UFO incident E​UEU, United Kingdom; Llandrillo, Merionethshire, North Wales An alleged UFO crash involving lights in the sky moments before a large impact shock. The cause of the incident was however soon revealed as a 3.5 magnitude earthquake.[113][114]
1974-8-23 John Lennon UFO incident N​ANA, United States; New York City, New York Musician John Lennon and then-assistant May Pang report seeing a craft emitting lights that changed color in the night sky above their Manhattan penthouse. Lennon would later reference this experience in his song "Nobody Told Me".[115][116]


Date Name Location Description
1975-11-05 Travis Walton N​ANA, United States; Near Turkey Springs in Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Arizona Logger Travis Walton disappeared for over 5 days resulting in a police investigation of his coworkers. When questioned on where he had been, Walton said that he had been taken aboard a spacecraft by nearly human creatures.[117] Walton's alien abduction account is the basis for the book The Walton Experience (1978), the film Fire in the Sky (1993), and the documentary "Alien Abduction: Travis Walton" (2022).[118]
1976-9-17 1976 Tehran UFO incident A​SAS, Iran; Tehran, Tehran province The 1976 Tehran UFO Incident was a radar and visual sighting of a UFO over the capital of Iran, during early morning hours. Two Imperial Iranian Air Force F-4 Phantom II jet interceptors reported losing instrumentation and communications as they approached the object.[119]
1977-9-20 Petrozavodsk phenomenon E​UEU, Soviet Union, Finland, Lithuania, and Denmark Residents of Petrozavodsk reported a giant glowing "jellyfish" of light (visible for over ten minutes) looming in the early morning sky. The light was seen and photographed in several Baltic Sea countries. In response to the phenomenon, the Soviet Union created a government program to study anomalous atmospheric phenomena. This program would later attribute the Petrozavodsk sightings to the secret night launch of the Kosmos 955 spy satellite. According to Soviet astrophysicist, Yuli Platov, sunlight can cause the giant plumes of gas and dust produced by rockets to glow, especially "in twilight hours, when the rocket streaks through sunlit regions and the observer is on the nighttime side of the Earth."[120]
1978-5-10 Emilcin Abduction E​UEU, Poland; Emilcin, Lublin Voivodeship Polish farmer Jan Wolski reported that while returning home, two "short, green-faced humanoid entities" wearing black overalls jumped onto his horse-drawn cart and started speaking an incomprehensible language. After about 1000 ft (300 m), he reported seeing a white flying object, from which an alien creature came out and invited Wolski inside. The farmer said that they examined him once inside.[121]
1978-10-21 Valentich disappearance O​COC, Australia; Victoria Frederick Valentich left Moorabbin Airport in a Cessna 182 Skylane, a single-engined light aircraft. At 7:06 pm, he began reporting a strange craft to Melbourne air traffic control. Valentich's last words were, "That strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again … it is hovering and it's not an aircraft."[122] Neither the pilot nor the plane were ever found.[123]
1978-12-6 Zanfretta UFO Incident E​UEU, Italy; Torriglia, Genoa Italian nightwatchman Pier Fortunato Zanfretta perceived a red, oval object and phoned his supervisor. During the call, he described non-human creatures that he said were attacking him. He was later found in a state of shock and his experience was adapted into a stage play.[124]
1979-2-24 Huby UFO sighting E​UEU, United Kingdom; Huby, North Yorkshire Philip Shepardson claimed "time stopped" after he locked eyes with the alien crew of a triangular UFO he claims to have seen hovering over a field one morning.[125][126]
1979-11-11 Manises UFO incident E​UEU, Spain; Valencia, Valencian Community En route to Las Palmas, commercial pilot Francisco Javier Lerdo de Tejada radioed air traffic control regarding a pair of red lights approaching his TAE Supercaravelle. Neither air traffic control in Barcelona nor the military identified the object. Tejada made an emergency landing at the nearby airport in Manises.[127]
1980-4-11 Arequipa UFO incident SASA, Peru; Arequipa Region Early in the morning of April 11, La Joya Air Force Base ordered fighter pilot Oscar Santa María Huertas to intercept an object in restricted air space. Huertas pursued the object in a Sukhoi Su-22 and fired a barrage of 30mm shells into it. According to Huertas the object did not seem damaged and rose to 19,200 meters. He described it as similar in shape to an incandescent lightbulb with a much wider circular silver base and said that it "lacked all the typical components of aircraft. It had no wings, propulsion jets, exhausts, windows, antennae, and so forth".[128][129][130][131]
1980-12-24 to 1980 -12-24 Rendlesham Forest incident E​UEU, United Kingdom; Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England United States Air Force personnel reported various unusual observations at RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters, two American air bases located in England. Their reports included lights in the sky, a metallic triangular object in the forest, multi-colored lights moving through the forest, and higher levels of radiation.[132]
1981-1-8 Trans-en-Provence case E​UEU, France; Trans-en-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Retired contractor, Renato Nicolai reported the landing of a flying object near his home to local police. Renato believed it to be a military craft. Groupe d'Étude des Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non-identifiés (GEPAN), a branch of French Space Agency created to investigate UFOs, conducted an investigation, photographed circular impressions on the ground, and took samples of the area.[133] Skeptics have been critical of the GEPAN investigation which took place 40 days after the initial sighting.[134][135]
c. 1983 Hudson Valley Sightings N​ANA, United States; Hudson Valley, New York State police discovered that widespread reports of a massive object—described by one observer as a "city of lights" hanging silently above their home—were caused by a group of pilots flying small aircraft in formation. The events were the subject of an Unsolved Mysteries episode and Night Siege, a posthumous collaboration between ufologists including J. Allen Hynek.[136][137][138][139]
1986-5-19 "Night of the UFOs" in Brazil SASA, Brazil; São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Goiás Radar and visual contacts were obtained with multiple 'bright colorful objects' in the sky across several states. Mirage IIIE and F-5 fighters were scrambled but failed to intercept, with pilots describing the objects as capable of impossible maneuvers and rapidly accelerating to as much as Mach 15 once approached.[140]
1986-11-17 Japan Air Lines Cargo Flight 1628 incident N​ANA, United States; Alaska While piloting a Japanese Boeing 747-200F cargo aircraft on a polar route from France to Narita International Airport in Japan, the flight crew witnessed several unidentified objects over eastern Alaska. Captain Kenju Terauchi (寺内謙寿, Terauchi Kenju), co-pilot Takanori Tamefuji (為藤隆憲, Tamefuji Takanori), and flight engineer Yoshio Tsukuda (佃善雄, Tsukuda Yoshio) reported rectangular arrays of what Captain Terauchi described as glowing nozzles or thrusters.[141][142]
1987-12-1 Ilkley Moor UFO incident E​UEU, United Kingdom; Ilkley Moor Retired police officer, Philip Spencer, took a photograph of what he said was a strange being on the moor. According to Spencer, the being fled after being photographed and left in a domed craft.[143][144]
1990-8-1 Shkoder UFO incident E​UEU, Albania; Shkodër Gëzim Dapi and five other soldiers reported a series of lights arranged in a diamond-like pattern in the sky, moving at high speed with minimal noise. They were questioned by their superiors, and the incident was reported by the Labour Youth Union of Albania's biweekly newspaper, "Zëri i Rinisë".[145]
1993-7-12 Cerrik UFO incident E​UEU, Albania; Cërrik, Elbasan Around 8:00 pm, a glowing flying object appeared in the sky of Cërrik, Elbasan. According to eyewitness accounts, the illuminated object made sudden and quick movements. The news that a UFO was flying around quickly spread throughout the town. Law enforcement was notified, and they tried to limit the spread of panic among the population. The glowing object disappeared from the sky around 10:00 pm, according to eyewitness accounts.[145]
1994-9-16 Ariel School UFO incident A​FAF, Zimbabwe; Ruwa Over sixty students reported seeing a silver craft land in a field near the school. They described occupants dressed in all black that exited the silver object.[146]
1996-01-20 Varginha UFO incident SASA, Brazil; Varginha, Minas Gerais In 1996, various individuals reported possibly unrelated incidents with what they described as UFOs, creatures, and the Brazilian military.[147] The events are the inspiration for saucer-shaped Varginha water tower, the Nave Espacial de Varginha; the 1998 Brazilian video game Incidente em Varginha; and 1996, a film by director Rodrigo Brandão.[148][149]
1997-3-13 Phoenix Lights N​ANA, United States; Phoenix, Arizona Hundreds of people witnessed a series of lights in a "V" pattern moving through Arizona. The incident is unusual for the large number of photographs.[150]

21st century[edit]

Date Name Location Description
2000-10-5 Bonsall UFO sighting E​UEU, United Kingdom; Bonsall, Derbyshire Resident, Sharon Rowlands, filmed a luminous object in the night sky starting around 9:15 pm and continuing for several minutes. Various other residents reported strange lights including a man who described a "pink glow, vertically shaped like a shoe box".[151][152][153]
2004 c. 2004 Tinley Park Lights N​ANA, United States; Illinois At 8 pm on Halloween night (2004), residents were outside trick-or-treating on the streets of Tinley Park and other Chicago suburbs, when thousands of people watched, photographed, and filmed a formation of red lights hanging in the October sky above them. Similar formations of lights drifted over the area the following autumn.[154][155][156]
2004-3-5 2004 Mexican UFO incident N​ANA, Mexico; Campeche Mexican Air Force pilots filmed (initially unidentified) lights in the sky using infrared cameras while searching for drug-smuggling planes. Multiple subsequent investigations identified these as massive burn-off flares from a cluster of off-shore oil platforms in the Bay of Campeche.[157][158][159]
2004-11-14 USS Nimitz UFO incident N​ANA, United States; Off the coast of San Diego, California Several pilots from VFA-41 squadron flying Super Hornets from the USS Nimitz, were directed by the USS Princeton to intercept one of several unidentified flying objects detected by radar. The pilots reported a visual encounter and recorded an infrared video. The Navy has verified that the video was taken by Navy personnel and has stated that it has not yet identified the nature of the sightings which they classify as unexplained aerial phenomena.[160][161][162]
2006-5-4 Roskovec UFO Landing E​UEU, Albania; Roskovec Eyewitnesses and village residents reported a UFO sighting on May 4 around 7:00 pm. An unidentified object landed, leaving three double-banded black circles in the asphalt which Halim Çepele photographed. Witnesses described a sudden darkness, mist, bent tree branches, and a cold wind. A 10-year-old boy saw a disc-shaped object with a gray color and a thin blue line on the ground for a few seconds. The incident left the boy in shock for about three months. Other residents claimed to have seen the marks on the asphalt and observed that rose petals were burned when placed on the landing site.[163][164]
2006-11-7 2006 O'Hare International Airport UFO sighting N​ANA, United States; Chicago, Illinois United Airlines employees and pilots reported sightings of a saucer-shaped, unlit craft hovering over a Chicago O'Hare Airport terminal, before appearing to leave with a rapid vertical rise.[165]
2007-4-23 2007 Alderney UFO sighting E​UEU, Bailiwick of Guernsey; Alderney On separate flights, two airline pilots and multiple passengers reported a "sunlight-colored" object at an altitude of around 2,000 feet off the coast of Alderney. One of the pilots, Ray Bowyer, filed a report with Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority upon landing.[166][167][168][169]
2007-11-28 to 2011-12-13 Dudley Dorito E​UEU, United Kingdom; West Midlands conurbation The "Dudley Dorito" refers to a series of black triangle sightings reported in the West Midlands conurbation.[170][171]
2008-6-20 Wales UFO sightings E​UEU, United Kingdom; Various cities, Wales Over the Bristol Channel, a South Wales Police helicopter took evasive actions to avoid what the crew described as a saucer-shaped UFO.[172][173][174][175]
2009-1-5 Morristown UFO hoax N​ANA, United States; Morristown, New Jersey In the evening, citizens in Morristown and other town in Morris County, New Jersey saw five red lights in the sky. After three months, two men from the Morristown area announced that they had organized a UFO hoax, meant as a "social experiment".[176]
2010-1-25 Harbour Mille incident N​ANA, Canada; Harbour Mille, Newfoundland and Labrador At least three UFOs that looked like missiles but emitted no noise were spotted over Harbour Mille.[177]
2010-8-7 Tirana UFO incident E​UEU, Albania; Tirana Rezmie Lulo, a witness from Tirana, described three spherical, orange, glowing objects that appeared close at first but gradually rose higher. One object rapidly broke away towards the northwest, while the other two vanished instantly after. The Albanian Army declined to comment on the incident. Officials from the National Air Traffic Agency and Civil Aviation Authority stated that there were no flights at that time and no official reports of such objects.[178][26]
2014-6-2 to 2015-3-10 USS Theodore Roosevelt UFO incidents N​ANA, United States; East Coast of the United States Navy pilots from the Theodore Roosevelt began to notice unexplained objects on their radar after an equipment upgrade. Some pilots were unable to see the objects. Others captured video footage, later released to the public. The pilots reported these incidents to the then-obscure Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program resulting in new guidelines regarding unexplained aerial phenomena sightings.[179]
2023-1-28 to 2023-2-13 List of high-altitude object events in 2023 I​CIC, United States, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Venezuela Multiple airborne objects, sometimes reported in mainstream media as UFOs, were observed and sometimes shot down by military aircraft. Many of the objects were reported as meteorology or espionage balloons.[180][181][182]

By location[edit]

The lists below contain UFO reports mentioned above along with less notable UFO reports from the specific areas.

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Notes and references[edit]

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