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Clyde Elton Love (December 12, 1882 – January 31, 1960) was an American contract bridge author and mathematics professor at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.[1] He was a native of Bancroft, Michigan and graduated with his PhD from the University of Michigan in 1905. He served as a "[[professor at the University of Michigan]]"from 1905 - 1947[2]

Love is well known in bridge circles for his 1951 "[[Squeeze Play in Bridge]]" and the 1959 book '[[Bridge Squeezes Complete: Winning Endgame Strategy]]'. "Bridge Squeezes Complete" hit the New York Times Best Sellers List and was one of the earliest efforts to codify the then-existing squeeze play. Love established rules for recognizing bridge squeezes, and for executing them when they occurred. His system of classifying squeezes has been used by most bridge writers since.[3] He was also the author of several mathematics textbooks, including "[[Analytic Geometry]]" (1938), "[[Differential and Intregal Calculus]]", and others. He also wrote many magazine articles.[1]

He died at his home in Ann Arbor, at age 77. He was survived by his second wife Katie and daughter, Marian E. Love-Macalpin (April 17, 1910 – February 10, 1991). His first wife, Georgina May Emerick-Love (May 31, 1880 – April 24, 1953), died at the age of 54. And his son, Frank E. Love (December 14, 1903 – May 15, 1909), died at age 5. [2]


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