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"Columbia" is a frequent mistaken spelling of Colombia, a large country in South America. See also Colombia (disambiguation) for other uses of that spelling.

Columbia may refer to:


  • Columbia (name), the female personification of the United States of America, and a poetic name for the Americas

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  • Columbia (Arrow Lakes sternwheeler)
  • Columbia (barque), in the service of the Hudson's Bay Company on the Columbia River and along the Pacific Northwest Coast
  • USS Columbia, any of several ships of the US Navy
  • Columbia class cruiser, a group of two protected cruisers used by the United States Navy, 1890–91
  • CSS Columbia, a Confederate (and later U.S. Navy) ironclad ram during the Civil War
  • HMCS Columbia, any of several commissioned vessels of the Canadian Navy
  • Lightship Columbia, the first lightship on the Pacific Coast of the United States, docked in Astoria, Oregon
  • MV Columbia, a large passenger and automobile ferry in the Alaska Marine Highway System fleet
  • SS Columbia, a historic excursion steamer docked in Ecorse, Michigan, United States
  • SS Columbia (1880), a coastal passenger liner which made the first commercial use of Edison's light bulb
  • SS Columbia (1889), an ocean liner, later renamed Rapido, a cruiser for the Spanish Navy
  • Columbia Rediviva, commonly known as the Columbia, a maritime fur trade vessel

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