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Craven A

Craven "A" is a brand of cigarette manufactured in Canada, Jamaica, Vietnam, and North Korea.[1] The cigarettes exhibit the English-style flavor of a Virginia-tobacco dominant blend, with that plant's attendant nutty sweetness. The cigarette was named after the third Earl of Craven in 1860.

Craven A's were a favourite cigarette during World War II. In Vietnam, Craven A is one of the most popular brands, especially in the southern part of the country.

The 'plain' version of the cigarette was unusual in that, instead of merely lacking a filter, there was at one end a cork tip in place of the paper.

The Craven A brand has in recent times been closely associated with a number of entertainment events in Canada. Amongst these has been the "Just for Laughs" Canadian Comedy Tour in March 1999.


Vintage Craven A sign

The Craven A brand is owned by Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc (RBH), which also owns or otherwise controls a wide variety of cigarette brands. It was sold by the Carreras Tobacco Company in the United Kingdom.

Craven A was the chosen cigarette brand (which were specifically known for being corked-tipped at a time before cigarettes had filters) of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of modern-day Pakistan, and according to his sister Miss Fatima Jinnah, as she mentions in her book "My Brother", he was a heavy smoker who used to smoke fifty Craven A's a day.[2]

Craven A is part of the RBH "premium brand strategy", principally within the Canadian market; however, the brand has experienced "long-term declines in market share", in part due to the elimination of all sponsorship activities in Canada in October 2003.

Craven "A" is Jamaica's favourite brand of cigarette and a famous Jamaican artist Vybz Kartel mentions it in some of his songs such as "Di Way We Roll".


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