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HB stands for Haus Bergmann
Product type Cigarette
Produced by British American Tobacco

HB is a German cigarette brand whose initials stand for 'Haus Bergmann'.

General information[edit]

HB cigarettes belong to the ten top-selling brands in Germany with a market share of 3,5%. From 1959 - 1984, HB was the market leader among the German brands, 1975 even the market leader in entire Europe. Today, HB cigarettes are no longer advertised.

History and "HB-Männchen"[edit]

In the sixties and early seventies this firm produced several TV-spots with a comic figure, that is known in Germany as "HB-Männchen".

With simplest tasks the character started it always ended in disaster. A voice said: "Wer wird denn gleich in die Luft gehen, greife lieber zu HB" (means something as: Why freak out, have an HB-cigarette instead). While doing this everything turned out fine.

HB sponsored the Audi rally team from 1984 to 1987. http://hbauditeam.hb.funpic.de/