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HB stands for Haus Bergmann
Product type Cigarette
Produced by British American Tobacco

HB is a German cigarette brand whose initials stand for 'Haus Bergmann'. They are manufactured by British American Tobacco.

General information[edit]

HB cigarettes belong to the ten top-selling brands in Germany with a market share of 3.5%. From 1959 - 1984, HB was the market leader among the German brands, 1975 even the market leader in entire Europe. Today, HB cigarettes are no longer advertised due to the bans on cigarette advertising in Germany.

Action packs of HB Special Edition "We are...-land" in the summer of 2008

History and "HB-Männchen"[edit]

In the sixties and early seventies this firm produced several TV-spots with a comic figure, that is known in Germany as "HB-Männchen".

With simplest tasks the character started with, it always ended in disaster. A voice said: "Wer wird denn gleich in die Luft gehen, greife lieber zu HB" (which means this when translated: Why freak out, have an HB-cigarette instead). While doing this everything turned out fine.

Sport sponsorship[edit]

HB sponsored the Audi rally team from 1984 to 1987,[1] as well as advertising at multiple races of the old 500cc championship, most notably at the Hungaroring in Hungary in 1990 and 1992,[2] and at the Dutch TT in Assen from 1992[3] to 1996.[4] They also sponsored various teams in the 500cc and 250cc championships, such as the Suzuki MotoGP team (known as "HB-Suzuki", driving the Suzuki RG 500 gamma) from 1982[5] to 1986,[6] the Honda MotoGP team (known as "HB-Honda" in the 500cc, driving the Honda NSR500, and as "HB Römer-Honda" in the 250cc driving the Honda NSR250) from 1983[7] to 1996 and the Yamaha MotoGP team (known as "Team HB Venemotos", driving in the Yamaha YZR 250) in 1987.[8]

The Honda NSR250 of Ralf Waldmann, used in the 1996 season

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