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Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras
Established 2004
Head Prof. T. J. Kamalanabhan
Location Chennai, India
Enrollment 60-70 students

The Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras, also known as DoMS, IIT Madras is a business school under the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in Chennai, India.


IIT Madras was established in 1959. The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Madras was offering management education in the form of M. Tech. (Industrial Engineering) from 1959 . A full-fledged MBA program was started by the department in 2001. The Department of Management Studies (DoMS) at IIT Madras formally came into existence in April 2004.

Programs offered[edit]

Currently, the department offers MBA, PGPEX-VLM, MS, and PhD degrees.


The MBA programme is a two-year programme, structured with courses spread over seven quarters and about five to six courses per quarter. The first year contains core courses that are compulsory for all students, whereas the second year mostly has electives and a few core courses.

In the summer break between the first and second year, students are expected to work on a summer project with a company.

Apart from regular academics, course activities include taking courses on audit, going on field visits, participating in management workshops, organizing professional events, and working on live business projects. The programme includes three core courses on various Industrial and Business Domains spread over the last three quarters.

Students of the programme can opt for auditing courses (i.e. taking classes but not assignments or exams and not receiving credits) from any of the elective courses offered by the Department of Management Studies or from the more than 300 courses offered by the other 14 departments in the Institute.

Early recruiters can guide students to opt for selected courses - electives, Industrial and Business Domains, and audit courses - during the last three quarters. Additionally, recruiters can also offer students projects in the last quarter to enable smooth induction.

Co-curricular courses offered at the department include business communication and presentation skills, negotiation skills, teamwork and conflict resolution skills, time management, business etiquette, and foreign languages (primarily German).

The batch size is in the range of 60 to 70 students, picked from over 250000 applicants who take up the Common Admission Test (CAT) conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management followed by a Group Task/Personal interview session later on. Until 2011 admission was based on the Joint Management Entrance Test (JMET) conducted the IITs and Indian Institute of Science in rotation. From the academic year 2012 JMET is replaced with Common Admission Test (CAT).[1]


Post Graduate Programme for Executives For Visionary Leadership in Manufacturing (PGPEX-VLM) is a year-long joint program of IIM Calcutta, IIT Kanpur & IIT Madras.

It is an Initiative of National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (NMCC), Government of India, for career development/advancement of Engineers/ executives with work experience, to enhance the competitiveness of Indian manufacturing sector.[2] The objectives, content, curriculum, pedagogy, and modalities of the PGPEX-VLM Program have been designed by the IIM Calcutta, IIT Kanpur and IIT Madras in consultation with industry, Confederation of Indian Industry, Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), NMCC and MHRD.[3] The Government of Japan extends cooperation to support transfer of Japanese expertise and visit to manufacturing centers of excellence in Japan for the PGPEX-VLM Programs, through JICA.[4]

Selection of candidates is made on the basis of his/her academic background, which has to be consistently first division/first class from school (SLC/ Madhyamik) board examination level to graduation level, relevant work experience, employer’s recommendations, performance in the Aptitude Test and Personal Interview conducted jointly by IIMC, IITK and IITM. For self sponsored candidates - Minimum 4 1/2 (four and half years) to maximum 10 (ten) years of work experience in manufacturing and related sector is mandatory. For sponsored candidates, the upper limit on maximum experience of 10 years is waived off.[5] Approximate batch size is 35-40.


DoMS IIT Madras offers two categories of the MS program:[6]

1. Master of Science (by Research): This program is characterized by significant research component in the curriculum . MS prepares the student in conducting logical, rigorous, and managerially relevant research in various areas of management.

2. Master of Science (by Entrepreneurship): It exposes the students to challenges and opportunities in entrepreneurship and requires them to design, develop, test and prove the techno-commercial viability of products/processes or business models and services that could be eventually commercialized.

Ph.D in Management[edit]

The Ph.D program at IIT Madras is aimed at multidisciplinary research which has attracted Aspiring young researchers as well as eminent personalities from the Industry, Government and Academia. DoMS IIT Madras gives high importance to research. In research it is ranked as top public Bschool in India.[7] The research at DoMS IIT Madras has drawn attention of international academic community. Prof Rajendran C. is ranked 15th among the top 20 h-index POM (production & operation management) researchers in last 50 years (1959-2008) in the world with an h-index of 21.[8] Another faculty member Dr. Arshinder Kaur received highly commended Emerald/EFMD Doctoral Awards 2008 for her doctoral thesis in Logistics and supply chain management category.[9] In terms of research productivity in production and operations management area Indian Institute of Technology has been ranked in top 20 institutes in the world.[10]

Doctoral research at DoMS IIT Madras has won various international awards & fund. In 2007 Dr. Sandhya Shekhar's doctoral thesis own Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award in Knowledge Management category.[11] In 2011, Dr. K. Gopalakrishnan's doctoral thesis & Dr. Priya Nair's doctoral thesis own highly commended Emerald/EFMD Doctoral Awards 2011 in "Knowledge Management" and "Management & Governance" category respectively.[12] In 2009, doctoral student Arti Kalro won "Emerald/AIMA Indian Management Research Fund Award" for the theme "Understanding and addressing cataract-related eye care issues in rural Tamil Nadu".[13]

Broadly DoMS IIT Madras offers PhD in finance, general management, HR & OB, marketing, operations, strategic management, systems & IT management, & Technology management area. The requirements for PhD admission are:[14]

A master's degree in an eligible discipline with a good academic record

Qualification in CAT/AIMA/GATE/UGC-NET JRF or Lectureship or equivalent.

Candidates with at least five years managerial experience are also eligible in lieu of the qualifying test.[15]

Extracurricular activities[edit]

Apart from the rigorous curricular courses, the students take part in a variety of extra curricular activities.

  • DoMS Day Out, popularly called the DDO, is an intra-departmental sporting event held every year during March–April.
  • DoMS Cricket League (DCL). In Feb, 2011 the 5th edition of DCL (DCL 5.0) was successfully conducted. The DCL format unlike the normal cricket formats is unique as each team has only 7 players (5 males + 2 girls compulsory)+ 1 substitute player.

Other activities include the Teacher's Day Event, Hostel Day Event, Industrial Visits, Class Trips and Outbound at dawn.



Samanvay is the annual National Business School Fest of the IIT Madras. It is organized by students of MBA at Department of Management Studies. Each year Samanvay revolves around a new theme and its events are centered around it. It is the showcase of clash among the most astute and accomplished business brains of the country when they pit their wit against each other in events that challenge their diverse managerial capabilities. Samanvay 2010[16] was inaugurated by Mr K. Ananth Krishnan, Chief Technology Officer, Tata Consultancy Services. Some of the recurring events are Business Plan contest, Panel Discussion by industry experts, Online quizzing and other function specific events on Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR and Consulting.


ICON[17] or Inter-Corporate Outbound National Championship is a sporting event organized by DoMS, IITM for the corporate community. It aims to provide a welcome break to the corporate minds from the daily routine of their lives and exhibit their skill sets in a different arena. Teams spanning across the country are pitted against each other to demonstrate their team work and leadership skills in a fun-filled informal way.

Student initiatives and interfaces[edit]

The feature that stands out at DoMS, IIT Madras is the number and involvement of student-led interfaces. They are primarily focussed towards getting the best corporate exposure before students embark on their own corporate journey. Some of them are listed below.[18]

The esteemed guest list under these initiatives include (Please Note: Designations indicated may not be relevant as on date and only indicate their respective positions on when they visited Institute):

  • Mr. Satish Kumar (CEO, Henkel Spic)
  • Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan (CEO & President, Cognizant Technologies Solutions)
  • Mr. V. Pradeep Kumar (CEO, Sara Lee Household & Body Care India Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Mr. C. K. Ranganathan (CMD, CavinKare Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Mr. B. Muthuraman (CEO, TATA Steel)
  • Mr. George Zacharias (CMD, Yahoo ! India)
  • Capt. G R Gopinath (CEO, Air Deccan Airways)
  • Mrs. Ingrid Srinath (CEO, Child Rights and You (CRY))
  • Mr. Sarath Babu (CEO, Food King Catering Services Private Limited)

CEO Connect[edit]

In CEO connect eminent business leaders are invited to the campus, to share their experiences and lessons of excellence. They have a broad interaction with the students on diverse topics and give their take on the corporate world. The essence of the event is to provide the students an opportunity to get the perspective from the captains of the industry.

Corporate Wisdom[edit]

This team ensures students to get an operation level picture in various organization by inviting managers for lectures and workshops.

Management Insights for Social Transformation (MIST)[edit]

Students at DoMS, IIT Madras recognize that societal up-liftment is imperative for Nation building. Management Insights for Social Transformation (MIST) is a novel forum in the Department of Management Studies, IITM which has been created to operationalize the linkage between management graduates and social organizations. Through MIST, DoMS IITM, aims at inviting eminent philanthropists, who have reached out to the society in their own unique ways, to share their experiences and enrich the students in their outlook and attitude towards the society.

MBA Invitation Lecture Series (MILS)[edit]

Started in the year 2011, Invitation Lecture Series initiative has a vision to become the most prestigious lecture event at IIT Madras attracting audience from across departments. The "By Invitation" lecture series has witnessed speakers sharing their journeys which transcends all of forms of education, "Life".

DoMS Interface (DI)[edit]

DoMS INTERFACE is an initiative, to develop a forum whose objective is to be a program communication link to the outside world which includes corporate world, prospective students, alumni and media. The role of DoMS INTERFACE is to seamlessly blend with all forums currently inherent to the system. It provides an appropriate medium for all existing forums to have an appropriate exposure which can catapult their existing significance


Mannheim Business School, Germany[edit]

The Department has a Memorandum of Understanding with Mannheim Business School Germany for Exchange of students and faculty. The students at either universities do courses from the other for a semester.

Indian School of Business[edit]

In November 2007, DoMS IIT Madras & The Indian School of Business (ISB) inked a pact for collaborative research.[19]

Other MOUs for Student Exchange[edit]

The Institute supports active collaboration between other universities at the national and international level. DoMS actively involves itself by facilitating student and faculty exchange programs across universities. Other universities and organizations DoMS has an MoU with are:[20]

   * Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences, Germany
   * European Business School, Wiesbadan, Germany
   * Hof University of Applied Sciences, Germany
   * Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
   * Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
   * Kyushu University, Fukoka, Japan
   * Management Centre, Innsbruck, Austria
   * RWTH Aachen University, Germany
   * Sauder Business School, University of British Columbia, Canada
   * Seoul National University, Korea
   * T U Hamburg, Germany
   * Technical University of Munich, Germany
   * Technische  Universitat Darmstadt, Germany
   * University of Bremen, Germany
   * University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
   * University of Passau, Germany


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