Dieuwke de Graaff-Nauta

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Dieuwke de Graaff-Nauta (1986)

Dieuwke de Graaff-Nauta (1930, Sneek – 2008, Sneek) was a Dutch politician of the Christian Historical Union and later the Christian Democratic Appeal.[1]

De Graaff-Nauta served as member of the States of Friesland between 6 June 1962 and 14 July 1986. She was part of the executive of the province from 7 June 1982 to 14 July 1986. De Graaff-Nauta subsequently became active on the national level, where she served as state secretary for Interior between 14 July 1986 and 27 May 1994. She then became Minister and served until 22 August 1994.[1]

On the local level she was member of the municipal council of Sneek from 6 September 1966 to 4 July 1978. Between 1 September 1970 and 7 June 1978 she concurrently served as alderman.[1]


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