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Fictional stories featuring the political scene in Westminster or Whitehall in the United Kingdom, often feature fictional Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom - invented characters with the position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Such characters may be complete inventions, or they may be based on a particular Prime Minister or politician, or on a broad stereotype of party politicians.

Prime Ministers are listed alphabetically by surname. Also provided is information (where relevant and provided) about party affiliations, actors who portrayed the character and character notes.

Named fictional characters[edit]


Lord Alloway
Lord Appin
  • former Prime Minister in A Lodge in the Wilderness by John Buchan
  • Party: Conservative
Herbert Attwell
  • Prime Minister who Jim Hacker serves under (in "Yes, Minister"), and eventually succeeds (in "Yes, Prime Minister"). Both were written by Jonathan Lynn and Antony Jay.
  • Party: unspecified, but the series does denote that the party is neither Conservative nor Labour (with Jim Hacker wearing a white rosette in Open Government) and that the party holds seats in the West Midlands, Merseyside, Middlesbrough, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • Notes: Attwell is unnamed (and unseen) in the original TV series, only ever being referred to as "the PM". However, he is named in the virtually contemporaneous book adaptations written by the same authors.


Lord Richard Beaminster
  • former Prime Minister in The Duchess of Wrexe by Hugh Walpole
  • Notes: served two terms
'Alec Beasley
Lord Bellinger
  • Played by: George A. Cooper
  • Prime Minister in: The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer
  • Party: Labour
  • Notes: A thinly veiled representation of Harold Wilson.
Leonard Braithwaite FRSJ
Lord Brock
Terry Brooks
Sir George Brown, Baronet
Alan B'Stard


Sir John Cabal
Caterham (first name unknown), nicknamed "Jack the Giant-Killer"
  • Prime Minister in: The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth by H. G. Wells
  • A demagogue and rabble-rouser belonging to none of the traditional parties of British politics, Caterham won the elections by waging a hate campaign against the Giants - human children who grew to huge sizes by eating the "Food of the Gods" of the title. Once in power, Caterham tries to exterminate the Giants, but only manages to transform London into a huge battlefield.
Michael Callow
  • Played by: Rory Kinnear
  • Prime Minister in: Black Mirror by Charlie Brooker
  • Notes: Prime Minister in episode 1, "The National Anthem" in which the release of a royal hostage is dependent on Callow's compliance with the terrorist's demand that the Prime Minister have sex with a pig on live television.
Sir Walter Carey
Sir Mortimer Chris
Edward Clare
Henry Collingridge
Lord Coodle
Phillip Cotton

Duncan Craig


Alfred Danderson
  • Prime Minister in First Lady by Michael Dobbs 2007-2010
  • Party: Labour
  • Notes: Succeeds Tony Blair, married to Lauren Danderson, loses general election to Conservative Leader Dom Edge.
David (First Name only, no last name given) - played by Hugh Grant.
  • Prime Minister in Love Actually, (2003 movie)
  • Party: Probably Conservative (a portrait of Thatcher hangs in his study, he insults Cherie Blair, describes the Blair Ministry as having "bad policies" and is patriotic). More assertive towards the US than any actual British PM of either party; has an open confrontation with the arrogant and overbearing President of United States after the visiting President attempts to seduce the PM's secretary, with whom David himself is in love.
Mark D'Arby
  • Prime Minister in The Edge of Madness by Michael Dobbs (2012–2014)
  • Party: Conservative
  • Notes: Succeeds John Eaton after the hostage crisis in the House of Lords. Calls a snap election and wins. Is PM when the Chinese plan to cripple the US, UK and Russia with cyber war
  • Holds a summit at Castle Lorne in Scotland with US President Blythe Harrison Edwards and Russian President Sergei Shunin
  • Revealed in the epilogue, he ordered the USS Reuben James, a US vessel to be navigated into Iran's coast and the tampering of President Edwards' mother's hospital reports resulting in her death in order to bring President Edwards on board to attack the Chinese with himself and Shunin.
  • Implied to have resigned over his orders in the epilogue
Tom Davis
  • Prime Minister in The Thick of It,
  • Party: Presumably New Labour
  • Notes: A parallel of Gordon Brown, Tom Davis ascended to the Premiership following the resignation of the show's first, unnamed and unseen Prime Minister, this one a parallel of Tony Blair. Before that Tom was referred to in the show as the PM's Number 2, and he and his faction as "the Nutters".
Alastair Davies
Mr Daubeny or Daubney
Tom Dawkins
  • Prime Minister in Secret State
  • Played By: Gabriel Byrne
  • Party: Conservative
  • Notes: A former Army officer, who while serving in Bosnia, conducted a failed rescue mission for a journalist he was romantically involved with, resulting in the deaths of all concerned except himself.
  • Later entered politics and eventually became Deputy Prime Minister in the government of Charles Flyte. Upon Flyte's death, Dawkins assumed the Premiership temporarily and later held the position permanently after winning a leadership election and then a subsequent general election
  • Discovered a government/military/corporate conspiracy to provoke war with Iran for financial and political gain; opposed to such moves, Dawkins publicly went against pressure to go to war with Iran and called a vote of no confidence in his own government.
  • Implied to have lost the vote and subsequently his premiership. His Chancellor, Felix Durrell, a member of the conspiracy, was also implied to have succeeded him.
Hector D'Estrange
  • Prime Minister in Gloriana, or the Revolution of 1900 by Lady Florence Dixie
  • Real name: Gloriana (Gloria) de Lara
Lord de Terrier
Rupert Devereaux
Sir Thomas Doodle
Lord Drummond
Morag Duff
  • Prime Minister in the works of Kim Newman
  • Party: Labour Party
  • Notes: Became Prime Minister (in at least one universe) after John Major's defeat in the 1992 General Election.
Felix Durrell
  • Prime Minister in Secret State
  • Played By: Rupert Graves
  • Party: Conservative
  • Notes: Served as Home Secretary in the governments of Charles Flyte and Tom Dawkins, before being promoted to Chancellor by Dawkins after a general election.
  • He was financially linked to the Royal Caledonian Bank and the Petrofex Corporation, who were pursuing war with Iran for financial and political gain. As Dawkins acted against their wishes, Durrell mobilised government backbenchers to support him in a leadership challenge.
  • Dawkins however called for a vote of no confidence in the government, which he lost and it was implied that Durrell took over from him.


John Eaton
  • Prime Minister in The Lords' Day (2009–2012)
  • Party: Conservative
  • Is PM when terrorists take over the House of Lords during the State Opening of Parliament. Whilst Eaton, the Queen, the Cabinet, dignitaries and the Royal Family are held hostage in the House of Lords, Home Secretary Tricia Willcocks is left in charge.
  • Eaton resigns after the crisis, mostly after the execution of Education Secretary Marjie Antrobus live on national TV by the terrorists.
  • Is succeeded by Mark D'Arby.
Dominic "Dom" Edge
  • Prime Minister in First Lady
  • Party: Conservative
  • Notes: Married to Ginny Edge, had an affair with one of his aides, won heated leadership contest, former Conservative Party Chairman.
David Edwards


Sir Edward Ferrier
  • Prime Minister in: the Hercule Poirot short story "The Augean Stables" by Agatha Christie
  • Party: People's Party (fictional)
  • Notes: succeeded his father-in-law John Hammett (below) as Prime Minister
Charles Flyte
  • Prime Minister in: Secret State
  • Played By: Tobias Menzies
  • Party: Conservative
  • Notes: A first term Prime Minister, he was unpopular in the run-up to his re-election campaign judging by the feeling of his colleagues and the country in general. To rectify his unpopularity, he signed a lucrative business contract with the Petrofex Corporation to provide economic benefits to the UK.
  • While on his way back from Dallas to visit the victims of the Scaro explosion (where a Petrofex plant had exploded, killing many), his plane was destroyed when a Petrofex fuel sample being carried on board was inadvertently set off by lightning and exploded, killing all on board including Flyte.
  • Succeeded by his deputy, Tom Dawkins.


Freya Gardner

  • Prime Minister in The Politician's Husband
  • Played By: Emily Watson
  • Party: Conservative
  • Notes: Minister of State for Schools and then Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in Duncan Craig's government; wife of former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Aiden Hoynes who became Deputy Prime Minister and Home Secretary in her government.
Mr Geraldine
Raymond Gould
Maureen Graty
Brian Green
Joseph Green (MP for Hartley Dale, Chair of the Parliamentary Commission on the Monitoring of Sugar Standards in Exported Confectionery)
Mr Gresham


Jim Hacker
Jeffrey Hale
James Halstead
John Hammett
  • Prime Minister in: the Hercule Poirot short story "The Augean Stables" by Agatha Christie
  • Party: People's Party (fictional)
  • Notes: afterwards raised to the House of Lords as Lord Cornworthy
John Hatcher
  • Prime Minister in: Doomsday
  • Played by: Alexander Siddig
  • Prime Minister of a post-apocalyptic Britain in the 2030s; commits suicide after being infected by a lethal plague
Sir Timothy Hobson
  • Prime Minister in: The Guardians (television)
  • Played by Cyril Luckham
  • Party: Unspecified but right-wing
  • Notes: Initially a puppet Prime Minister for a military dictatorship, he struggles to gain some real authority.
Sir Joseph Humboldt
  • Prime Minister in: Prisoner of Fire by Edmund Cooper
  • Dictatorial Prime Minister in the 1990s (a future time when the book was written), making ruthless use of telepaths, whose power was becoming scientifically researched and harnessed in his time.
Mr Hunberly
Tom Hutchinson
George Hyde
  • Prime Minister in: The Dark Red Star by Ivan Ruff
  • Party: Conservative
  • Prime Minister (fictionally) in the late 1960's, dark secrets of his tenure surface thirty years later


Sir James Jaspers
  • Prime Minister in: the Marvel Universe comic-book continuity
  • Party: Conservative
  • Notes: swept to power on an anti-superhero platform, Jaspers himself had the ability to alter reality - at the cost of his own sanity
Harriet Jones (MP for Flydale North)
Iorwerth Jones


Yorrick Kaine
  • Prime Minister in Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde
  • Party: Whig
  • Notes: Attempts to establish self as dictator; escapee from a bad romance novel
Simon Kerslake
  • Elected Prime Minister of Britain in the alternate ending version of the book First Among Equals by Jeffrey Archer
  • Party: Conservative
  • Notes: In other editions of the novel the election is won by Labour party candidate Raymond Gould


Adam Lang
Charles Lenton
Charlie Lynton
Arthur Lytton
  • Played by: Ronald Adam
  • Prime Minister in: Seven Days to Noon (film, 1950)
  • Party: Unknown


David MacAdam
The Marquess of Malvern
David Marchant
  • Prime Minister in Mindstar Rising and A Quantum Murder by Peter F. Hamilton
  • Party: New Conservatives
  • Notes: First prime minister following a decade of republican rule under the People's Socialist Party. Premiership occurred sometime in the 2040s, mentioned in The Nano Flower to have lasted twelve years. Succeeded by Joshua Wheaton.
Mr Melmount
Lord Merivale
William Mildmay
Joshua Monk
Gloria Munday


The Duke of Omnium (Plantagenet Palliser)
Gerald O'Brien
Walter Outrage, OM


Harry Perkins (Harold Clement Perkins)
Michael Phillips
  • Played by: Robert Bathurst
  • Prime Minister in: My Dad's the Prime Minister (television)
  • Party: unspecified
Kevin Pork (a.k.a. Superman)
Rosamund 'Ros' Jane Pritchard
Pre-Skool Prime Minister


Michael Rimmer
  • Played by: Peter Cook
  • Prime Minister in: The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer
  • Party: Conservative
  • Notes: Later declared President of Great Britain
Lord Ruthven


Peter St. John
  • Prime Minister in: Zenith comic strip in 2000 AD
  • Party: Conservative (succeeded Margaret Thatcher)
  • Note: Strongly implied that he assassinated former prime minister Edward Heath at Thatcher's request
Harold Saxon (aka The Master)
Edward Shaw
Henry Lyulph Holland, 1st Earl of Slane
David Somerset
The Right Honourable Sackville Somerset
Dr. Davenport Spry
Michael Stevens
Adam Susan
  • Played by: John Hurt
  • Prime Minister in: V for Vendetta by Alan Moore
  • Party: Norsefire
  • Notes: Later is given the new position of High Chancellor. In the original graphic novel he holds the position of "Leader". For the film, his last name was changed to "Sutler"; it has been confirmed by the screenwriters that they created the name by combining Susan and Hitler, as a reference to Adolf Hitler.


Sir Derrick Trant


Francis Urquhart


Mr Waldemar
Thomas Waring
General Sir Harold Wharton
Joshua Wheaton
  • Prime Minister in The Nano Flower by Peter F. Hamilton
  • Party: New Conservatives
  • Notes: PM circa 2061, succeeded previous PM David Marchant. His government is currently dealing with the issue of Welsh secessionism; Wheaton's position as PM threatened by discontent from his backbenchers and the scheming of one of his cabinet members, Michael Harcourt.
Sidney Wilton


Michael Year
  • Prime Minister in: UNIT audio dramas The Longest Night and Snakehead.
  • Party:Conservative

Real people with a fictional premiership[edit]

The following is a list of real or historical people who have been portrayed as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in fiction, although they did not hold the office in real life. This is done either as a near future or alternate history scenario, or occasionally for humorous purposes. Also included are actual British Prime Ministers with a fictional premiership at a different time and/or under different circumstances than the one in actual history.

Max Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook
Tony Benn
Gordon Brown
  • Prime Minister in Crossed by Garth Ennis
  • During the outbreak of a contagious, zombie like virus in the United Kingdom, the country is plunged into anarchy as entire cities become vast charnel house's, forcing the Prime Minister and his staff to evacuate to a government bunker in Yorkshire. Brown falls victim to the infected due to an internal outbreak within the bunker, leading to the near total collapse of the British government.
Rab Butler
Lord Byron
Sebastian Coe
Harriet Harman
David Lloyd George
  • In the alternate history novel Dominion by C. J. Sansom, World War II ended in June 1940 when the British government, under the leadership of Lord Halifax, signed a peace treaty with Nazi Germany in Berlin. Due to poor health, Halifax resigned as Prime Minister in 1941 and was succeeded by Lloyd George, who was then 78 years old. His second term as Prime Minister lasted until his death in 1945. He was succeeded by Lord Beaverbrook, who served in that position until October 1953.
Roy Hattersley
Denis Healey
David Irving
Sir Abraham Lincoln
  • Prime Minister in: Saviour of the Empire by George Fields
  • Party: Whig
  • In a timeline where the North American colonies did not rebel against British rule, he entered politics due to indignation at slave-owners foiling the Emancipation Law in 1833. After a stint in the North American Provincial Legislature he graduated to the Imperial Parliament in London and soon achieved prominence despite the aristocracy's disdain for his "uncouth provincial manners". Was among initiators of the finally approved Emancipation of the Slaves in 1856. He becomes Prime Minister in 1857 amidst the worst crisis in the history of the British Empire - widespread rebellions of slave-owning colonies in North America, the Caribbean and South Africa, simultaneously with the Indian Mutiny, a new Opium War with China and a Russian invasion of the Ottoman Empire, Britain's ally, aimed at seizing Constantinople - and with the Russians actively aiding and abetting all of Britain's other foes. Sir Abraham guided the Empire through four terrible years of war on land and at sea on multiple fronts, and succumbed to an assassin's bullet just as victory came in plain sight. Hundreds of thousands followed his cortege through the streets of London. He was interred at Westminster Abbey in the presence of Queen Victoria and declared to have been "Among the Greatest of England's Sons", on a par with King Arthur and Francis Drake.
Iain Macleod
Oswald Mosley
  • In Guy Walters's The Leader, Mosley has taken power as "The Leader" of Great Britain in 1937. King Edward VIII is still on the throne after his marriage, Winston Churchill is a prisoner on the Isle of Man, and Prime Minister Mosley is conspiring with Adolf Hitler about the fate of Britain's Jewish population.
John Pardoe
Chris Patten
John Prescott
  • Prime Minister in My Hero episode scene set 10 years in future (2015)
  • Party: presumably Labour
Margaret Thatcher
Jeremy Thorpe
Peter Walker
Shirley Williams
Sir Horace Wilson
E. F. L. Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax
  • In Stephen Baxter and Simon Bradshaw's short story "First to the Moon!", Halifax becomes Prime Minister in a timeline where Edward VIII remained king. Halifax was still Prime Minister in 1950, when the British - using captured Soviet rocket scientists under Sergei Korolev - launch the first manned Moon mission.


Due to the absence of names, this list is ordered by available information.

First name "Jeremy"
  • Prime Minister in Doctor Who : "The Green Death"
  • Party: unspecified, probably intended as a reference to the Liberal Jeremy Thorpe implying that story was set in near future (later stories contradict this)
Black male "Leroy"
White Female
Black male
White Male
White Male
White Male
Male (unnamed but possibly John Major considering the Chronology of the Harry Potter stories)
Two unnamed Earls, one succeeding the other
Unspecified gender
  • In Ian McEwan's The Child in Time.
  • Party: Unspecified (presumably Conservative, Thatcher era.)
White Female
  • Played by: Karen Taylor
  • Prime Minister 'The Brass Lady' in: Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor (comedy series)
  • Party: unspecified. Adventures of "Junior minister catapulted to power" ('Daily Globe') after "Cat flu wipes out entire cabinet" ('Barrow Advertiser'). Described as "First PM with nice shoes since Churchill" (by 'Celeb' magazine), she is more interested in having a good time than running the country.

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