Donald Duck: The Complete Sunday Comics

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Walt Disney's Donald Duck: The Complete Sunday Comics
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Publication information
Publisher The Library of American Comics
Schedule inconcistent
Format Hardcover
Genre Anthropomorphic animals, Humour
Publication date March 2016
No. of issues 2 to date
Main character(s) Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Daisy Duck, Grandma Duck, Bolivar
Creative team
Created by Bob Karp, Al Taliaferro
Written by Bob Karp
Artist(s) Al Taliaferro
Penciller(s) Al Taliaferro
Inker(s) Al Taliaferro, George Waiss, Karl Karpé, Dick Moores
Editor(s) Dean Mullaney

Donald Duck: The Complete Sunday Comics is a series of hardcover books collecting the complete run of Disney's Donald Duck Sunday newspaper comic strip drawn by the American comic artist Al Taliaferro, starting off with the first of Donald Duck's "own" Sunday strip page from 10 December 1939, after he had first been introduced in the successful Silly Symphonies Sunday strip feature as well as in his own daily newspaper strip since 1938.[1] The publisher behind the project is IDW Publishing and their imprint (subdivision), The Library of American Comics. The first book of the series was released in March 2016.


The books are of the hardcover type have a sewn binding and sewn linen bookmark and come with a dust jacket. The books measure 12 inches × 8.5 inches, approximately 305 mm × 216 mm, and are oriented in a landscape view to be able to fit each Sunday page in such a large scale and so close to the size they originally were published in as possible, given the set surface area. Each page accommodates one Sunday strip page.

The print is in full color throughout the book, the Sunday strips were published in full color originally and for these archival volumes the coloring has been recolored and remastered by Digikore Studios for the best possible reproduction.[2] Each volume of the series have about 170 pages and contain around 160 full-color Sunday strips (the equivalent to a little more than three years of an original Sunday newspaper run) as for supplementary material there are introductions included[3] just like in the Donald Duck: The Complete Daily Newspaper Comics from the same publisher. The writer of introductions for the Sunday collection is Alberto Becattini.

Volumes of the series are sold separately and have a suggested retail price set by the publisher at $49.99, ten dollars more expensive each compared to a volume of Donald Duck: The Complete Daily Newspaper Comics, this due to the restoration and recoloring of the Sunday strips according to the publisher, something that was not needed for the black-and-white daily strips. The release schedule for the series has to this date been inconsistent, two volumes during 2016, but none during 2017.[4]


Vol. Release date Title Period Page count ISBN Inducks link
1 2016-03-23 Donald Duck: The Complete Sunday Comics 1939-1942 1939-1942 168 978-1-63140-530-3 DDSC 1
2 2016-12-07 Donald Duck: The Complete Sunday Comics 1943-1945 1943-1945 168 978-1-63140-781-9 DDSC 2

Upcoming volumes[edit]

In April 2018 it was announced that the series is currently on hold due to the publisher currently prioritizing to work on their companion project Donald Duck: The Complete Daily Newspaper Comics. [5]

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