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A screenshot of a 2018 fundraiser
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DonorBox is a crowdfunding website for donations to charitable causes.


DonorBox is a free WordPress plug-in with PayPal and Stripe.[1][2] However, there is a $1,000 limit per month with a transaction fee of 0.89% for contributions exceeding the limit.[1][2] Secured by SSL/TLS, it is PCI compliant.[1] In 2018, the website enabled an Apple Pay mobile payment option for nonprofit organizations.[3]


42 Strategies commended DonorBox with "pre-filled custom amounts with descriptions to let your donors feel great by knowing what they’re contributing to."[1] Double the Donation praised the site with "It’s so simple to use."[4] Lykke's Natalie De Vicenzi exclaimed "Free?? Yes, free!"[5] WPDean received it favorably with "The design is responsive and mobile-ready."[2]

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