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The following is a list of recurring characters and featured sketches from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!. Some of the recurring characters on the list have also made appearances on Tom Goes To The Mayor and Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule.


  • James Quall: A standup comedian, celebrity impressionist, and singer that debuted during Season 2. He has also appeared on Tim & Eric Nite Live. He is famous for his bad impersonations of celebrities such as Bill Cosby, Bob Hope, Michael Jackson, and Jack Nicholson, as well as American presidents Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. He usually incorporates the phrase "spaghetti and meatballs" into his work. Quall has been featured singing self-styled songs such as "Beach Blast" and "The Car of the Future." Quall himself was impersonated by comedian Bill Hader for the fictional James Quall Story feature film during Season 3. Quall has often teamed with fellow recurring character, David Liebe Hart, in fictional movies such as Back to Squall, an Odd Couple-themed film starring Quall, "John A. Hill" (actor Jonah Hill), and Hart, about the misadventures of two roommates at Admiral David Liebe Hart's Sailing Quallage, in Season 4, and Quall of Duty, a police crime drama co-starring Hart, in Season Cinco. Quall is a personal friend and next door neighbor of Hart, and has appeared with him on Hart's Public-access television cable TV show in Los Angeles, California.
  • Tairy Greene: Played by Zach Galifianakis,[1][2][3] a multi-talented actor known for his work in a Gravy Robbers restaurant employee training video, as the lead-role in Little Dancing Man, and the hit action television show The Snuggler, where he played a man who helped people by snuggling them. As The Snuggler, he rescued Tim from the woods after an attack by Chippy's mother by nursing him back to health with snuggles and rehabilitation. Tairy stars in the Snuggler video game, in which players must snuggle and earn energy crystahls, which can be traded in for a number of green shields. He hosts the Tairy Greene Acting Seminar For Children. As a graduate of James Sprunt Community College and having studied under the tutelage of Randy Tutelage, he often embellishes his acting credentials and abilities usually to the dismay of the children. Tairy Greene is perceived as a little bit crazy; he attributes this to having once stuck his tongue in a burrito. Tairy Greene directed the fictional Channel 5 movie Back To Squall and the fictional film Little Danson Man starring Ted Danson and David Cross. Cinco produces "The Tairy Greene Machine," a video jukebox pre-loaded with every appearance Greene had ever made. The device runs on "Greene technology," as it only runs on tap water.
  • Richard Dunn: A senior citizen who has been a part of nearly every episode since the very first episode of Season 1, in which he portrayed a congratulatory version of Tim's Dad.[4] He hosted multiple shows on the Public-access television Channel 5, including Dunngeon and Getting It Dunn. He also hosted and officiated the Tim & Eric Tennis Challenge in the Season 4 finale "Tennis". In line with Tim and Eric's unique brand of humor, Dunn often mispronounces and slurs words and is frequently shown in a state of minor confusion. Dunn died Friday, June 4, 2010 due to complications from a stroke.[5] The episode that aired on Sunday, June 6 on Adult Swim was dedicated to Dunn. He was 73.
  • David Liebe Hart: A singer and puppeteer who performs listless songs with an assortment of ventriloquist dummies.[4] His songs usually have positive, upbeat themes but are usually accompanied by his excessive voice vibrato. He almost always has a Bluetooth headset in his right ear, and is often accompanied by psychedelic green screen effects. He also co-starred in the fictional Channel 5 Tuesday Afternoon Movie Back to Squall as the Headmaster of Admiral David Liebe Hart's Sailing Quallage. He stars as himself alongside Bill Hader in The James Quall Story. Hart often sings about aliens and seems to have a particular affinity for the Korendian race; he had to apologize in a season four episode after an uncharacteristically sexual remark about Korendian women's "spicy tacos."[6][7][8]
  • Palmer Scott: A middle-aged, overweight, balding man wearing what appears to be outdated Jordache apparel from the late 80's or early 90's. He is well-noted for his matching denim shirt and jeans, gyrating torso, and unusually spry pelvic thrusts. However, he is best known for what he does; he "sits on you".[4] He also makes an appearance in Season 4, where a woman who appears to be pregnant requests that her "bub bubs" be bounced. Where three men fail to bounce her bub bubs, Palmer succeeds. In Season 2, his name was revealed to be Palmer Scott during the Channel 5 Dance Party.[9][10][11][12]
  • Michael Q. Schmidt: Recurs in several episodes,[13] and is noted as among the Top Ten Favorite Recurring Characters for his “Raise My Roof” dance from Season 2, where he dances a naked jig.[14] Schmidt was part of Tom Goes to the Mayor as Tom’s wife Joy,[15] and has performed in several of the Awesome Show’s live tours,[16][17][18][19] as well as being 'Winter Man' for the Chrimbus Special.[20]
  • Pierre: A strange singer/dancer (played by actor and comedian Ron Austar) whose obsessions include young boys, their dads, barbecued meat, and Internet connections. Pierre frequently appears in public service announcements, including one informing children that "all the food is poison" and they should therefore eat something else, and a warning telling them to avoid frostbite by wearing gloves, mittens, shoes, and socks (Pierre fails to do this and dies a slow, painful death from exposure). His other hobbies include teaching children to perform a rather sexual dance called "The Doo-Doo" and instructing them on meditation, which turns out to be a ploy to get their dads' e-mail addresses. One sketch revealed that Pierre's ideal dreams include a "beautiful boy" and the boy's mustachioed dad inviting him to a barbecue dinner, where he is fed meat while looking at various websites on an Internet connection that runs at billions of megabytes per second; the dream turns into a nightmare when the meat is discovered to be rotted and full of maggots, the Internet becomes slow, and the boy and his dad have their flesh melt off and become skeletons. In Season 2, while hosting the Channel 5 Dance Party, Pierre commented that he once impregnated Casey's mother.
  • Chippy: An animated character whose origin dates back to Tom Goes to the Mayor, Chippy is a wild creature often seen in very brief bits in which he is found hiding in a background. Chippy resembles a hirsute baby, with a handlebar mustache and an abnormally large unibrow. Chippy is always in distress and any scene with Chippy almost always ends with it emitting a high-pitched screech. In the episode "Forest", Chippy's mother (played by Eric) viciously attacks Tim while on a nature hike.
  • Channel 5's Only Married News Team: Jan and Wayne Skylar (portrayed by Heidecker and Wareheim) are television news anchors who are married (to each other), and less than modest about displaying their affection for each other on air. These characters were also carried over from the duo's previous Adult Swim show, Tom Goes to the Mayor.[8]
  • Glen Tennis: An actor/director portrayed by A.D. Miles, Glen is the director of the fictional film Crystal Shyps, which starred him and Ron Stark. The film appeared to have a very low budget. Later in Season One, Glen Tennis was invited to talk to Danny Mothers (Bob Odenkirk) about his film on Channel 5 Looking at Films. In Season Two Glen tried to sell some Crystal Shyps memorabilia in an infomercial. He was interrupted by his brother David, who called in to 'harmlessly rib' him. Glen ended up getting very upset and destroying all of his merchandise. Glen Tennis has a terrible temper and won't stand for 'crappy acting', as seen in extra material included with the Season One DVD. In the Season 4 finale "Tennis", Glen Tennis is seen promoting his new movie The Pillgrums, with the film's badly rendered CGI co-star, Grum.
  • Spagett: A hyperactive overweight middle-aged man with a black ponytail, visible hair plugs, and dried spaghetti sauce around his lips who hides behind various objects and "spooks" people on his hidden camera television show by yelling out his name. His hiding places are always in plain view and as a result, his victims are rarely frightened; instead referring to the incidents as awkward or abnormal. Spagett is also a pitchman for "Cigarette Juice." Spagett is played by Tim Heidecker. In one episode Tim stars as Spagett in the Steven Spielberg (portrayed by look-alike Howie Slater) movie Spagett and the Quest for the Golden Treasure.
  • The Beaver Boys: A pair of party boys named Dilly and Krunk (portrayed by Heidecker and Wareheim) who often prowl the beach for women. They are seen as having a penchant for cocktail shrimp and white wine, which is further emphasized in the lyrics to their show's accompanying theme song.
  • Carol and Mr. Henderson: Carol and Mr. Henderson work together in a typical office setting. Mr. Henderson (Heidecker), Carol's boss, is a balding man with glasses. Carol (Wareheim) is an obese lady who has a sexual obsession with Mr. Henderson. Mr. Henderson often stops by Carol's cubicle to sexually harass/tease her, saying things like, 'You look good enough for a poke.' This always excites Carol, and just when she is most excited, Mr. Henderson throws his coffee in her face. However, Mr. Henderson secretly adores Carol, but won't show it. In The Tim and Eric Chrimbus Special Carol and Mr. Henderson are shown to have married. Mr. Henderson while playing with his guillotine collection is nearly beheaded by Carol. However, thanks to a speedy trip to the hospital Mr. Henderson is rehabilitated by Gary, the office employee Larry's twin brother. A deleted scene from the Chrimbus Special DVD reveals that Mr. Henderson's first name is Dick.
  • Ron Stark: A self-proclaimed actor, director, and producer, who often has various roles throughout every Tim and Eric season. In season 1 such roles included a user of "Balls Insurance". He also hosts a show called Stark On Stark in season 2 in which he interviews himself.
  • Will Grello: Played by Will Forte. Will Grello is a man who hosts several shows featuring activities such as fort building and quilting. Although his shows start out calmly and innocently, he inevitably unravels as repressed thoughts surface about his abusive father who would punish him with a whipping belt and make him do disturbing things such as "cook the dog" and preserve his bowel movements in the toilet for his father's inspection. He frequently urinates involuntarily when he gets on his tangents about his father.
  • Rudy and Kent: Two middle-aged best friends, Rudy (Jay Mawhinney) and Kent (Bob Ross) are fond of each other's interests, and when confronted with a minor conundrum (from a shirt being bland or a fork being dangerous), Kent advises that Rudy seeks the help of one of the Cinco products to enhance his well-being. Each product that Rudy suggests requires a strenuous transformation, always requiring that teeth be pulled for safety. Rudy always obliges in the advice given, always ending the segment with a before and after comparison, the latter of which showing Rudy without teeth.


  • Uncle Muscles Hour: Casey Tatum and his Brother (portrayed by Heidecker and Wareheim) perform various live songs lampooning telethon musical acts. The skit is carried over from a series of promos for Tim and Eric's previous collaborative effort Tom Goes to the Mayor. Casey is portrayed as having a severe case of facial eczema which he treats with generous applications of Vaseline, is often covered with sweat, tears, and/or saliva, and is usually uncomfortable, easily overcome with extreme, debilitating stage fright, and often on the threshold of either crying or vomiting, usually both. Casey's brother either dances, acts out the song, or plays saxophone next to Casey, wears dark sunglasses of the style typically prescribed for recovering cataract surgery patients, and usually wears a black unitard. Casey died in the second season in a fiery car crash at the age of 17 although clips of his performances on the Uncle Muscles Hour continued to play in later seasons. In the season five episode "Re-animated," a young girl finds Casey's remains in the woods which are returned to Casey's grieving brother who reassembles and reanimates Casey. Unfortunately the procedure is only temporarily successful and Casey's body tragically falls apart during the duo's Uncle Muscles comeback appearance. The titular host of the show was played by "Weird Al" Yankovic.[8]
  • Brule's Rules with Dr. Steve Brule: An inept news reporter/doctor played by John C. Reilly who often appears uncomfortable being on air.[4][8] He is featured in a number of the sketches alongside the Channel 5 Married News Team. This segment lampoons the do-it-yourself segments featured on many local news stations. Brule seems uncontrollably attracted to his Channel 5 co-host Jan Skylar, whose husband, Wayne, disapproves of his advances toward her. His catchphrase is "For Your Health!" which is said at the end of his segments. The spin-off of Tim and Eric, Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule is somewhat of an extension of the Brule's Rules segments. Canadian comedian Ron Sparks played Brule in a short video for the charity event Other People's Stuff in 2008.
  • Cinco: Carried over from Tom Goes to the Mayor, the Cinco Family/Corporation parodies the typical "soul-less corporations." Their cache consists of satirical products marketed with the name "Cinco Chemicals and Toy Division." Companies owned by the Cinco Family include Cinco Dairy, Cinco Sweets, Cinco Home Entertainment, Cinco Banking, Cinco Insurance, Cinco Styles, and Cinco Chemicals and Toy Division. The commercials and infomercials use green screen and special effects with the intent of mimicking the standard format of infomercials from the late 1980s and early 1990s, often lampooning technology from the same era (such as the Cinco MIDI Organizer). Generally, the goods and services sold by Cinco companies are an assortment of seemingly useless products. The product names are often a simple contraction of two words, resulting in very unappealing names such as T'ird (A feathered flying disc with the legs of a turtle), B'ougar (a stuffed bear with the growl of a cougar), and B'owl (a stuffed animal meant to resemble a combination of a bat and an owl). See List of Cinco Family products.
  • Channel 5 Kid Break: A series of pseudo-educational musical segments in which two "children" (Heidecker and Wareheim) rap about personal hygiene and family situations such as sitting down on the toilet while urinating, wearing your father's dirty socks, incest (having a crush on your sister), not wiping one's rear end, bloody nipples, and eating one's boogers.
  • Afternoon Review: A daytime show "for women" in which strange men do surreal, odd, and slightly disturbing musical material such as a distorted guitar player, a mime who makes inhuman noises, convulsing men, belly dancing, sub-conscious memory exploration through odd noises, incomprehensible opera singing, drum solos by an old man, and dazed chanting. All of these bizarre performances take place in a room with a single stage, decorated with blue curtains with stars and balloons placed throughout it.
  • Child Showcase: A poorly archived Channel 5 program on which "children" (an adult's head - including Rainn Wilson and Patton Oswalt - superimposed over a child's body) perform musical numbers that are somewhat inappropriate in subject matter, much to the chagrin of the host. Child Showcase is typical of many Tim and Eric television programs in that it appears to be played back from worn, low-quality video tape, visually evoking the low-budget programs of Public-access television.
  • Video Match: A Dating Service: A series of dating service videos featuring undesirable men looking for love. Such men, who are shown with compressed faces and prominent moustaches, include one with petite, feminine feet and another who is a gamer with only a "tip" for a penis (Rainn Wilson).
  • Grum: Grum first appeared in season 1 as a badly rendered animated CGI character who sings songs about how he likes 'crackers and snacks'. He then appeared for the second time in season 4 with Glen Tennis in which they discuss their new animated (also badly rendered) movie "Pillgrums".
  • Karaoke Legends: A segment involving bizarre karaoke songs about subjects such as adultery, stalking, and living in an apartment with one's father. An elderly woman named Ruth Carr is featured prominently in two of the segments.
  • Steve Mahanahan's Child Clown Outlet: Appeared in Season 1, 3, and Cinco as a series of advertisements in which Eric Wareheim portrays the eccentric owner of a retailer that sells children dressed as clowns for the use of the buyer's amusement. In his commercials he is always shown with constant visual effects and video glitching. He also gave Casey Tatum a ride in the season 1 episode, 'Missing'. Steve Mahanahan also has a brother named Mike (played by Tim) who appeared in one episode and sells shoes for the aforementioned child clowns and like his brother is constantly featured in his commercials with video glitching. Often the two brothers profess their love for each other and their endorsement of their brother's store. In season 5, Steve Mahanahan was arrested for touching a child clown and Mike Mahanahan was shot in the face for no discernible reason. With these two gone, their father Donald Mahanahan (played by Will Ferrell) took over the business breeding child clowns. Donald Mahanahan breeds the clowns using his own seed and women who possess "real clown traits".
  • Morning Meditation: Introduced in Season Cinco, this segment is similar to "Afternoon Review" where surreal and somewhat disturbing "meditations" take place involving such things as a woman making strange grunting noises and a man on stilts flailing about.
  • All Dolled Up: Another surreal sketch featuring two men sitting in a studio makeup room wearing inordinate amounts of makeup put on them by women in black outfits while discussing and one upping each other on various achievements throughout their respective careers in show business. They always end the show with a fist pound.

Occasionally a sketch will end with a freeze frame; the colors fade to black and white, and a voice announces, "Great job!" while these words are written over the frame.

Death of Richard Dunn[edit]

On Friday June 4, 2010, character actor Richard Dunn died at age 73.[21] Dunn's agent stated that Dunn had been at a Hollywood hospital, unconscious since the previous Sunday.[21] Dunn was laid to rest at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.[21]

On June 12, 2010, a special tribute bump for Dunn was aired on Adult Swim after the 12:30 a.m. showing of The Oblongs, describing Dunn as an irreplaceable part of the Tim and Eric family and saying how much he'll be missed, not just as a great character actor, but as a great friend as well.[citation needed]


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