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EEF, formerly the Engineering Employers' Federation, rebranded to Make UK in February 2019. It works with manufacturing, engineering and technology-based businesses in the UK.


EEF provides businesses with advice, guidance and support in employment law, employee relations, health, safety, climate and environment, information and research and occupational health.

Through offices in London and Brussels, EEF provides political representation on behalf of UK business in the engineering, manufacturing and technology-based sectors: lobbying government, MPs, regional development agencies, MEPs and European institutions.


EEF was formed in 1896 as the Engineering Employers' Federation and merged in 1918 with the National Employers' Federation.[1] A history of the EEF[2] cited in [1] states that the original purpose of the EEF was "collective action to protect individual firms and local associations, the preservation of the ‘power to manage’, and the maintenance of industrial peace through established procedure." The EEF functioned as a 'Union' of Employers and negotiated from this stance with Trades Unions, for instance "twice, in 1897-8 and 1922, the Federation organised nationwide lock-outs. Procedural agreements for the avoidance of disputes were made with the unions at the conclusion of each of these lock-outs. These agreements provided for local and national joint conferences on disputed matters".[2]

In November 2003 the EEF rebranded itself from the 'Engineering Employers' Federation' to 'EEF The Manufacturers' Organisation'.[3]

The EEF archive [1] is curated by Warwick University's Modern Records Centre.


Membership of EEF is corporate: organisations and companies are members, not the individuals that work for them.

Executive Board Members[edit]

Stephen Phipson CBE Chief Executive, EEF

Dame Judith Hackitt DBE Chair, EEF [4]

Paul Jennings, Finance Director, EEF

Caroline Gumble Chief Operating Officer, EEF

Mark Bernard Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer, EEF

Gareth Stace Director of UK Steel, EEF

Peter Wilson Managing Director, Crane Ltd

John Tissiman MBE Chairman, Edward Pryor & Son Michael Kirk OBE

Alan Wood CBE Chief Executive, Siemens

Gareth Jenkins Managing Director, FSG Tool & Die Ltd

Niels Vinther Managing Director, Grundfos Manufacturing Ltd

Grahame Nix OBE Deputy Managing Director, Marshall of Cambridge Aerospace

Tony Hammersley Manufacturing Director, TEV Ltd

Ian Fowler Managing Director, WH Rowe Ltd

Mark Pickering Director of Operations, Warwick Manufacturing Group


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