Ecclesiastical Provinces and Dioceses of the Anglican Church of Canada

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The Anglican Church of Canada is divided into four ecclesiastical provinces, each under the jurisdiction of a provincial synod and a metropolitan archbishop, who is elected from among the bishops of the province. The Primate of Canada is elected from among all the bishops across the country. The first ecclesiastical province — Canada — was created in 1860, followed by Rupert's Land in 1875, Ontario in 1912 (carved from Canada) and British Columbia in 1914 (carved from Rupert's Land). The latter province became "British Columbia and the Yukon" in 1943, when the latter territory was joined to it from Rupert's Land.

The list of dioceses below indicates in parentheses the Canadian provinces and territories in which the dioceses are located.


The Ecclesiastical Province of Canada was founded in 1860, originally consisting of the four dioceses in the then Province of Canada (Upper and Lower Canada, i.e. modern Ontario and Quebec) under the metropolitan authority of the Bishop of Montreal.

The province was expanded in 1870 and 1871 to include New Brunswick and Nov Scotia. In 1913, the Ontario dioceses were split off from the Province to form the Province of Ontario. Newfoundland was added following that province's joining of Confederation in 1949. The province today consists of seven dioceses:

The current metropolitan is Ronald Cutler, Archbishop of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Rupert's Land[edit]

The Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert's Land was formed in 1875 – initially under the metropolitan authority of the Bishop of Rupert's Land; both metropolitans granted the title archbishop in 1893 – and today consists of ten dioceses:

The metropolitan is Gregory Kerr-Wilson. Archbishop of Calgary


The Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario was formed out of the province of Canada and the Diocese of Moosonee (which had been in Rupert's Land province) in 1912. Today, it consists of seven dioceses:

The metropolitan is Colin Johnson, Archbishop of Toronto.

British Columbia and the Yukon[edit]

The Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia and Yukon was formed in 1914 – as the Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia – from Rupert's Land ecclesiastical province. It was expanded in 1943 to incorporate the Diocese of Yukon, which was transferred from Rupert's Land. The province today includes five dioceses:

The metropolitan is John Privett, Archbishop of Kootenay.