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Ski Jumping Continental Cup
Genreski jumping
ski flying (rarely)
United States
Canada (rarely)
Turkey (rarely)
South Korea (rarely)
Inaugurated1991/92 (Europa/Continental Cup)
1992/93 (Europa/Continental Cup)
1993/94 (1st official men season)
2002/03 (men's summer season)
2004/05 (1st ladies season)
2008/09 (ladies' summer season)
Organised byInternational Ski Federation

The FIS Ski Jumping Continental Cup is a series of ski jumping competitions arranged yearly by the International Ski Federation. It is considered the second level of international ski jumping, ranking below the World Cup and not counting Grand Prix which world top class summer competition. Athletes competing in the Continental Cup are usually juniors and jumpers fighting for a spot on their nation's World Cup team. Some jumpers alternate between the World Cup and the Continental Cup and therefore, the winner of the Continental Cup is not necessarily the best jumper.

International Ski Federation considers the last two Europa Cup seasons in 1991/92 and 1992/93 where they competed only in Europe and with only European ski jumpers, as first two continental cup season. However, men officially began first season in 1993/94 spreading, with hosts spreading from Europe to Asian and North American ground. Competitors from United States, Canada and Asia previously competed in their own Pacific Rum Cup which was canceled, joined with Europeans on the second level of world ski jumping competition. Summer continental cup event was first time organized in 1996, however those summer events counted together in joined overall winter ranking until 2001/02. But from the season 2002/03 on, summer events counts in separated men's summer rankings.

The ladies competition was introduced in the 2004/05.[1] Summer events organized already in first season like with men counted together in joined overall winter ranking until 2007/08. But from the 2008/09 on, summer events counts in separated ladies' summer rankings. Until the 2010/11 this was the ladies' top international ski jumping competition and the season later, World Cup for ladies was introduced in 2011/12.

So far only four individual an none of the team events in this competition have been held on ski flying hills: two events in Ironwood (1994) and two events in Vikersund (2004).

Higher competitive circuits are the World Cup and the Summer Grand Prix; the lower circuits include the FIS Cup, the FIS Race and the Alpen Cup.

Global map of all Continental Cup hosts[edit]

Men's standings[edit]

  last two season of Europa Cup also counted as Continental Cup seasons

Ladies's standings[edit]


First 408 individual events for men between 1991 and 2001 are not yet calculated in the incomplete winning statistics list at the International Ski Federation official homepage, where they currently run statistics only from 17 November 2001 on. [2] However in this table all wins and also those from 1991 and 2001 period are included. For example: leader in this statistics Manuel Fettner has actually 21 wins and not 19 as mentioned in FIS statistics. He achieved those two wins before 17 November 2001.

  still active career

Double wins[edit]


No. Season Date Place Hill Size Winners
1 1993/94 19 December 1993 Austria Wörgl Latella-Schanze K83 NH Austria Andreas Beck Norway Hakon Johnsen
2 1995/96 2 March 1996 Sweden Örnsköldsvik Paradiskullen K90 NH Norway Wilhelm Brenna Norway Håvard Lie
3 1996/97 10 January 1997 Austria Ramsau W90-Mattensprunganlage K90 NH Germany Frank Reichel Norway Hein-Arne Mathiesen
4 1997/98 21 December 1997 Finland Lahti Salpausselkä K90 NH Norway Tom Aage Aarnes Norway Frode Håre
5 1998/99 12 March 1999 Norway Vikersund Vikersundbakken K90 NH Norway Wilhelm Brenna Norway Kjell Erik Sagbakken
6 1999/00 18 July 1999 Austria Villach Villacher Alpenarena K90 NH Germany Dennis Störl Austria Bernhard Metzler
7 10 March 2000 Norway Våler Čerťák K90 NH Norway Bjørn Einar Romøren Germany Roland Audenrieth
8 2000/01 19 August 2000 Norway Rælingen Marikollen K88 NH Norway Morten Solem Finland Toni Nieminen
9 10 March 2001 Norway Vikersund Vikersundbakken K90 NH Austria Bernhard Metzler Japan Yukitaka Fukita
10 2003/04 3 August 2003 Germany Garmisch-Partenkirchen Mittlere Olympiaschanze K89 NH Austria Wolfgang Loitzl Finland Akseli Kokkonen
12 2009/10 3 July 2009 Slovenia Velenje Grajski grič HS94 (night) NH Slovenia Robert Kranjec Slovenia Primož Pikl
13 2010/11 18 December 2010 Turkey Erzurum Kiremitliktepe HS109 NH Finland Anssi Koivuranta Austria Stefan Thurnbichler
14 2011/12 28 December 2011 Switzerland Engelberg Gross-Titlis-Schanze HS137 LH Norway Kenneth Gangnes Austria Wolfgang Loitzl


No. Season Date Place Hill Size Winners
1 2006/07 6 February 2007 Slovenia Ljubno Savina HS95 NH Germany Ulrike Gräßler United States Lindsey Van
2 2011/12 10 September 2011 Norway Trondheim Granåsen HS105 NH Austria Daniela Iraschko Austria Jacqueline Seifriedsberger


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