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Ferranti Computer Systems
Website www.ferranti.be

Ferranti Computer Systems, headquartered in Antwerp (Belgium), was founded as a subsidiary of Ferranti International plc in 1976 and has been a member of the Nijkerk Group since 1994. It owes its name to its original founder Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti, an electrical engineer, born in Liverpool in 1864, who, at the age of 13, invented the arc light for street lighting and, when 16, built and patented an electrical generator (the Ferranti dynamo).

Ferranti Computer Systems develops MECOMS, an integrated meter-to-cash and meter data management solution which is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics AX (Microsoft's ERP suite).[1]

In Benelux, Ferranti sells the product and acts as a system integrator. Outside the Benelux region, Ferranti Computer Systems delivers its product through a channel organization of partners and offers professional services from Belgium, Germany, and India. Reselling, consulting, and implementation partners include NCS, Giza Systems, Sterlite, GMCS and CGI (formerly Logica). Ferranti has one global partner which is Avanade/Accenture. Additionally, for international development, Ferranti Computer Systems is making use of its Microsoft relationship and partner channel, leveraging Microsoft's clear interest in the energy and utility sector, and extending support capabilities in different regions.

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