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Filming at University College London is an occurrence. The university is used as a location for film and television recording because of its position within London and the historical nature of the UCL Main Building and quad. A list of films and TV appearances includes:


TV (fiction)[edit]

  • The Sooty Show filmed around UCL in episode 'Hot Air Balloon'.
  • Never the Twain used main Quad as "Lord Smallbridge's House".
  • Minder used Quad in episode 'Sorry Pal, Wrong Number' (Season 4, 1984)
  • Agatha Christie's Poirot, 9th series, "5 Little Pigs" episode, filmed in old main library entrance and in main quad. Also used British Museum Reading Room, and Room 10 whilst in the area. In addition, "Four and twenty blackbirds" was filmed in the UCL Main Library's Law reading room. Also episode Hickory Dickory Dock was used filming of both the Cruciform Building and the main UCL Quad and exterior.
  • Spooks (Series III, episode II) features the front quad and the Gustav Tuck Lecture Theatre.
  • BBC Four's 2005 remake of The Quatermass Experiment used the part of Gower Street which runs past various laboratories in the scene where Carroon breaks into a Chemistry laboratory. The original 1953 version had been rehearsed at the Student Movement House on the same street.
  • The opening of The Complete Guide to Parenting' (2006) uses scenes shot in UCL's Quad. Some scenes from certain episodes were also filmed here.
  • Britz, a film made by Channel 4 (2007) uses many parts of UCL: the Main Library, and parts of the Cloisters are used for cadaver dissection rooms.
  • Burn Up (BBC 2008) - portico and quadrangle used as the High Court of Justice
  • Silent Witness uses the main Quad (carefully avoiding the Observatories), the main door, and the South and North Cloisters as well as the Octagon. And, while they were in the area, they also used the ULU and Senate House buildings/ surrounding areas.
  • Law and Order: UK (ITV) - for 2011 series, use of main quad, space under portico, cloisters among other smaller parts.

TV (Non-fiction)[edit]

James May with students outside the CAVE.
  • Derren Brown: The Heist, shown at 9.00p.m. on Channel 4 on Wednesday 4 January 2006, featured brief exterior shots of the main Quad and University Street.
  • BBC News filmed in and around UCL to provide some of the footage used to cover the news regarding nationwide strike action by university staff when the story finally hit the headlines on Saturday 13 May 2006. Ongoing news coverage of this story has used shots of UCL, for example on Channel 4 News on Tuesday 6 June 2006.
  • BBC London News filmed outside the main Quad in 2006 with the reporter reading from one of the Geography Department's standard risk assessment forms for a story regarding difficulties surrounding field trips.
  • James May filmed part of an episode of James May's Big Ideas around UCL and inside the CAVE in Malet Place Engineering Building in February 2008.


  • Kit Kat filmed an advert featuring pop group Girls Aloud for the Kit Kat Senses bar in the evening of Tuesday 18 into the early morning of Wednesday 19 March 2008. The presence of Girls Aloud attracted much attention from the press,[4][5] the paparazzi[6] and bloggers[7] and the filming was discussed on UCL's student radio station, Rare FM, by DJs presenting at the time.

DVD recordings[edit]

The Bloomsbury Theatre has been used as the venue for DVD recordings of stand-up comedians' tours.

  • Former UCL student Ricky Gervais recorded Ricky Gervais Live: Animals for DVD in the Bloomsbury Theatre in 2003.[8]
  • Jimmy Carr recorded Jimmy Carr: Live in 2004,[9] Jimmy Carr: Stand Up in 2005 [10] and Jimmy Carr: Comedian in 2007 [11] for DVD in the Bloomsbury Theatre.
  • Harry Hill's recorded Harry Hill in Hooves for DVD in the Bloomsbury Theatre in 2005.[12]
  • Lee Mack recorded Lee Mack: Live for DVD in the Bloomsbury Theatre in 2006.[13]
  • Caroline Reid played Pam Ann in a DVD recording of her show Come Fly With Me performed in the Bloomsbury Theatre in September 2007.[14]

Additionally, musicians The Zombies recorded The Zombies Live At The Bloomsbury Theatre, London for CD and DVD in the Bloomsbury Theatre in 2006.[15]

Student media[edit]

UCL Union's societies, including the UCLU Film & TV Society and the UCLU Drama Society, often film in and around UCL.


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