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Highest point
Elevation 150 m (490 ft)
Coordinates 54°57′S 70°15′W / 54.950°S 70.250°W / -54.950; -70.250
Location Chile
Parent range Andes
Mountain type Lava domes
Last eruption November 1820

Fueguino, also known as Cook, is a cluster of lava domes and pyroclastic cones located on Cook Island, Tierra del Fuego, Chile. This volcanic group lies south of the Magallanes–Fagnano Fault, on the Scotia Plate.[1] This volcanic system has erupted relatively silicic hornblende andesites and dacites with SiO2 contents of 59-66% and it is not considered to be a source of Holocene tephra in Tierra del Fuego unlike other volcanoes such as Mount Hudson and Monte Burney.[2]

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