Government College of Technology (Rasul)

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University of Engineering and Technology, Rasul
GCT-Rasul (photo).jpg
Front view of the GCT building
Type Public educational institute
Established 1912 (1912)
Principal Engr. Muhammad Shafiq Durrani
Location Rasul, Punjab, Pakistan
GCT Rasul Logo.png

History of rasul college[edit]

The Government College of Technology, Rasul (Urdu: گورنمنٹ کالج آف ٹیکنالوجی، رسول‎ abbreviated to GCT Rasul) was established in 1873 in Oriental College Lahore under the Punjab University by inducting only Surveyor class. In 1885, this class was shifted to Mayo School of Arts (Now N.C.A.) Lahore. In 1906 School of Engineering was established in the same Campus. When it was realized that the space for Practical Training is not sufficient there, It was shifted to its present Campus at Rasul Distt. M.B.Din. Up to 1962, the Institute was functioning under the control of PWD. In 1962 the Institute was placed under Technical Education Department and a 3-year diploma in Civil Technology was introduced. At that time the Institute was named as Govt. School of Engineering. In 1972 it was upgraded as College of Technology. Since 1999 The Institute has been functioning under TEVTA. The College has an honour of training about 24000 Technical Manpower for the Country. In April 2014 the chief minister of Punjab decided to make it University of Engineering and Technology Rasul. It is public sector University launched on the initiative of the Government of Punjab.Now it offers B.Sc in Electrical and Civil engineering and Civil Technology and B.Sc in Computer Science also.

General Information[edit]

With start of construction activities regarding establishment of world’s largest irrigation system in Indus and Ganga Valleys of Indo-Pakistan subcontinent, dare need of field supervisory staff was realized for the assistance of irrigation engineers so first batch of Civil Surveyor class was admitted in Oriental College Lahore University of the Punjab in 1873. It was shifted to Mayo School of Arts (known as NCA) in 1885. In 1906 Punjab School of Engineering was established in the same campus. Afterward in 1912, school was shifted to present site, realizing that previous place was insufficient for practical training and two years overseers’ class was started. Up to 1962 the school was working under the control of PWD. Then in 1962 its administration was shifted to Education Department Technical Wing and three years diplomas in Civil and Architectural Technologies were introduced. Now the school was renamed as Government School of Engineering and Polytechnic Institute. In the Education Policy 1972-80 under the heading Technical Education, some of the Polytechnics were upgraded to colleges the Technology to offer B-Tech Program, consisting of two years of B-Tech Pass and two years of Honour Courses. In 2011 University of Engineering & Technology Lahore prepared and implemented B.Sc. Technology Program at its Kalashah Kaku Campus and all other affiliated colleges. First session of B.Sc. Technology at the college was started in January 1, 2012. In April 2014 it was declared as University of Engineering and Technology, Rasul by the Government of Punjab and started B.Sc in Electrical and Civil engineering, B.Sc in Civil Engineering Technology and B.Sc in Computer Science.


The college's mission statement is:

"To enhance global competitiveness in Punjab, through a quality and Productive workforce (Engineers / Industrial Technicians) by developing a demand driven, standardized, dynamic and integrated Technical Education."[1]


Students study courses towards a Bachelors in Engineering and Technology

Location of College[edit]

This college is located in Distt Mandi Bahauddin near Rasul village on Mandi Bahauddin Sarai Alamgir road.

Entry test center[edit]

In Pakistan for undergraduate admissions the national universities have common entrance tests which are SAT based and are held according to provincial zones, the private universities hold their own entrance test which are also SAT based.[citation needed] The college is also an Entry Test Center.[2]

Notable graduates[edit]


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