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Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology
عَلَّمَ الْإِنسَانَ مَا لَمْ يَعْلَمْ
Motto in English
He (Allah) has taught man that which he knew not.
Established1993 (1993)
FounderZ A Nizami
ChancellorJawaid Anwar
Location, ,
ColoursPurple, Gold, Olive Green                
AffiliationsHEC, PEC

Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (Sindhi: انجنيئرڱ ۽ ٽيڪنيڀياس جي جامعہ سر سيد‎) (known as "SSUET") is a private research university located in the urban area of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.[1] The university is honored in the name of notable 19th-century Muslim reformer and philosopher, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.[2]

Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology was founded by the late chancellor, Z.A. Nizami. Nizami is the former director general of the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) as well as the president of Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys. The university is noted for its strong emphasis on the development on history, philosophy, modern science and engineering. The outstanding real time projects of the university refers Pakistan the technologically sound, on the face of earth.[3] The university offers academic programmes for undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral studies in science and engineering.[4] It is one of the leading and listed among in country's top universities in "engineering and technology" category by the HEC, as of 2013.[5] In addition, the university is also a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities of the United Kingdom as well as the member of the International Association of Universities.[6][7]

The university holds a unique reputation for conducting and engaging research in science, energy, and engineering to meet its international standards.[2] Furthermore, the university's admission policy also won praise from the public circles for offering world-class science programmes to the students despite their insufficient number of examination seats required for the admission in the engineering universities of the country. Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology is the only University that offers scholarships to every student who perform well in any semester with a Scholarship grant of 48–54%, which enable many students to perform well continuously in their curriculum years.[2]



SSUET provides degrees in 11 disciplines.

Bachelor's degree[edit]

Master's degree[edit]

Doctoral degree[edit]

SSUET has an Institute of Human Settlement and Environment specializing in Environmental Management Science.


Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology is based on the heritage of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and of the Aligarh Movement. An education and social reformer, Sir Syed emerged on the scene in the sub-continent towards the middle of the 19th century. In the spirit of the Aligarh Movement, AMUOBA (Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association) focused attention on furthering education in Pakistan, especially science and technology. An achievement in this field has been the establishment of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET). SSUET came into being on 8 October 1993, and its Charter formalities were completed by an Act passed by the Sindh Assembly on 17 September 1995. Founder of this University is Z.A.Nizami

Recognition and reputation[edit]

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) places Sir Syed university at No. 12 in its rankings in the engineering category.[8]

Affiliated institution[edit]


Student affairs[edit]


The university has a sports ground in front of its main gate. This includes a basketball court, volleyball ground and cricket pitch for net practice. Steps for developing hockey and football grounds are in progress. A room contains equipment for health activities and body building.

Indoor games available are table tennis and badminton.

Outdoor games available are cricket, athletic track, soccer field, hockey, basketball and volleyball.

Ahmad Ali Rafi Ahmad S/O Major (R) Rafi uddin Ahmad was one of the brilliant athlete that Sir Syed University has produced. He has many national and international awards under his belt and was named the best sports man of the period from 2004 - 2008.


The university has always promoted extra curricular activities and Musical events are arranged yearly in which opportunities are given to the students who are good in Singing and Music.

Syed Muhammad Umer S/O Major Syed Basith is one of the prominent names in Pakistan's Music Industry who has graduated from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology and throughout his tenure in University he was famous for his Musical/Guitars and Singing Skills. Imran Butt, the vocalist of F&I has also graduated from this university as electronic engineer.[9]

Student Societies[edit]

Sir Syed university of engineering & technology has a Literary Art & Cultural forum (SSULACF) formerly known as Brig. Qamarussalam Forum. In this forum extra curricular activities are to be carried out. e.g. debates, Qira'at, Naat, Speeches, Quizzes Musical events & other positive creative activities

IEEE SSUET Student Branch[edit]

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) recently[when?] opened its branch in Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology. The IEEE SSUET Student Branch is responsible for organizing IEEE related events and seminars in the university. According to their website the goal of IEEE SSUET Student Branch is to bring students closer to the latest development that is being made in the field of science and technology and to groom students to be motivated and bring out the best in them to help reshaping the future. IEEE SSUET Student Branch consists of two sub branches: IEEE SSUET Computer Society and IEEE SSUET EMB Society for the fields of Computer and Software Engineering and Engineering in Medicine and Biology respectively.[10]

Career planning and placement[edit]

The Career Planning and Placement Bureau is aimed at establishing liaison between the engineers/graduates and employers, and provides internships go-ahead forms only to organizations. The objective is to have a department that sets a platform to provide job opportunities for students and employees for the firms, so far the resources at disposable are rudimentary and great amount of efforts and dedication is needed to fulfill its responsibilities which should include :

  • Counseling and guidance
  • Career planning of students
  • Placement services
  • Arrangements for visits of delegates/prospective employers
  • Projects collaboration
  • Research collaboration
  • Higher education of counseling
  • Collaboration with professional bodies
  • Industrial tours
  • and workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Internship
  • Higher education of counseling

Festivals and Events[edit]


SMEC is a two-day annual event organized by Computer Science department. It includes multiple competitions like Web Development, Speed Programming, Graphics Designing, Ideas and Modeling, Gaming and much more. Students from different universities take part in SMEC each year. SMEC was introduced in 2016 and since then has been a platform for emerging and skilled stars of the future.

The winners of the competitions get cash prices upto Rs.1,50,000 and job recruitment from well known companies.

SMEC'18 is going to be held on 3rd-4th October 2018 at Sir Syed University H-Block.

Future campus[edit]

A second campus of SSUET (200 acres) is under construction in the suburbs of Karachi. This campus was promised to be open by 2015 but still no progress has been made.


Usama Wahab Khan Yousafzai Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award winner 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,2017, 2018 and International Speaker and author in the field of Software engineering and technology currently serving as Chief Technology Officer at Evolution Technologies


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