Habib al-Ajami

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Habib al-Ajami
Born 7th or 8th Century
Died 8th Century
Venerated in Islam

Habib ibn Muhammad al-‘Ajami al-Basri (Arabic: حبيب بن محمد العجمي البصري‎‎) known also as Habib al-Ajami (حبيب العجمي) and Habib al-Farsi (حبيب الفارسي) was a Muslim sufi (mystic), saint, and traditionalist of Persian descent. al-Ajami was an usurer by profession. He settled in Basra. He later renounced worldly life and became a mystic. He was a disciple of Hasan of Basra. He was known for performing miracles. [1]

Habib al-Ajami residence in Baghdad and died there, and the tomb is known and has been created in the ninth century AH, it is located in the locality of Bashar on the banks of the Tigris River and has a mosque.


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