Haller coat of arms

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POL CoA Haller.png
Alternative names none
Earliest mention 1793
Towns none
Families Haller von Hallenburg, also: Haller de Hallenburg

Haller is a Polish coat of arms. It was used by the Polish-German Haller de Hallenburg family.



<Quarterly I & IV or three trefoils slipped vert, II & III gules a chevron or. Crest: issuant out of a crest coronet or three ostrich feathers vert argent and gules. Mantled dexter vert doubled or and sinister gules doubled or.>

Notable bearers[edit]

Notable bearers of this coat of arms include:

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  • Księga herbowa rodów polskich J.K.Ostrowskiego podaje srebrny kolor podbicia labrów.