Halloween Night (song)

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"Halloween Night"
Halloween Night Promo.jpg
Promotional image
Single by AKB48
from the album 0 to 1 no Aida
A-side"Halloween Night"
  • "Sayonara Surfboard" (Types A, B, and the Theater Edition)
  • "Kimi ni Wedding Dress o..." (Type A)
  • "Kimi dake ga Akimeiteita" (Type B)
  • "Kegarete Iru Shinjitsu" (Type C)
  • "Mizu no Naka no Dendōritsu" (Types C and D)
  • "Ippome Ondo" (Type C)
  • "Yankee Machinegun" (Type D)
  • Gunzō (Theater Edition)
ReleasedAugust 26, 2015 (2015-08-26) (AKB48/JKT48)
October 12, 2015 (2015-10-12) (SNH48)
Songwriter(s)Title song:
Yasushi Akimoto (lyrics) / Yoshimasa Inoue (music)
Producer(s)Yasushi Akimoto
AKB48 singles chronology
"Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai"
"Halloween Night"
"Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby"
Music videos
Halloween Night (AKB48 Version) on YouTube
Halloween Night (SNH48 Version) on YouTube

"Halloween Night" (ハロウィン・ナイト) is the 41st single by the Japanese idol girl group AKB48. It was released in Japan on August 26, 2015. It was number one on the weekly Oricon Singles Chart, with 1,277,761 copies[1] also becoming the best-selling single in Japan in August.[2] It was also number one on the Billboard Japan Hot 100.[3] A JKT48 version of this song was released on the same day, while a SNH48 version was released in October 12.


The member lineup for the title track and several supporting B-sides was determined by the results from the annual election held by AKB48 and its several sister groups[4] (in 2015 it was called "AKB48 41st Single Senbatsu General Election").[5] Rino Sashihara, having won the election, serves as the center (choreography center) in the title song.[5]

Musical style[edit]

The title track is done in a dark disco style, as opposed to the brightness of "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie"[5] (the girl group's election single from two years ago). JKT48, the Jakarta-based sister group to AKB, released a dangdut version of the song.

The full version music video (included only in limited editions) was released on YouTube in December 9th, along with the 42nd single "Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby".


The single was released in several versions: Type A (two editions: limited and regular), Type B (limited and regular), Type C (limited and regular), Type D (limited and regular), and a version called the "Theater Edition". All versions, except the Theater Edition, include a DVD with several music videos.

The title song was for the first time performed in public on July 4, 2015, on the NTV TV show The Music Day: Ongaku wa Taiyō Da (THE MUSIC DAY 音楽は太陽だ。)[5] (an 11-hour long music special).

On AKB48 Fes 2016 this song is played as main set closer, with live band accompaniment.

The song "Ippome Ondo" in Type C is a traditional music of Bon fesitival.

Music video[edit]

The music video for the title track was directed by Kazuaki Seki, who had previously directed music videos for a number of other Japanese artists.[6]

Track listings[edit]

All lyrics were written by Yasushi Akimoto.

Type A[edit]

1."Halloween Night" (ハロウィン・ナイト)Yoshimasa InoueYoshimasa Inoue 
2."Sayonara Surfboard" (さよならサーフボード)
(performed by Under Girls)
Yoshimasa InoueYoshimasa Inoue 
3."Kimi ni Wedding Dress o..." (君にウェディングドレスを…)
(performed by Future Girls)
4."Halloween Night" (off-vocal ver.)   
5."Sayonara Surfboard" (off-vocal ver.)   
6."Kimi ni Wedding Dress o..." (off-vocal ver.)   

Type B[edit]

1."Halloween Night"   
2."Sayonara Surfboard" (performed by Under Girls)   
3."Kimi dake ga Akimeiteita" (君だけが秋めいていた)
(performed by Upcoming Girls)
奥田もといMain Kushita (a.k.a. Kushita Mine) 
4."Halloween Night" (off-vocal ver.)   
5."Sayonara Surfboard" (off-vocal ver.)   
6."Kimi dake ga Akimeiteita" (off-vocal ver.)   

Type C[edit]

1."Halloween Night"   
2."Mizu no Naka no Dendōritsu" (水の中の伝導率)
(performed by Next Girls))
3."Ippome Ondo" (一歩目音頭)福田貴史福田貴史, 福田大輔 
4."Halloween Night" (off-vocal ver.)   
5."Mizu no Naka no Dendōritsu" (off-vocal ver.)   
6."Ippome Ondo" (off-vocal ver.)   

Type D[edit]

1."Halloween Night"5:07
2."Mizu no Naka no Dendōritsu" (performed by Next Girls)4:33
3."Yankee Machinegun" (ヤンキーマシンガン)4:01
4."Halloween Night" (off-vocal ver.)5:07
5."Mizu no Naka no Dendōritsu" (off-vocal ver.)4:33
6."Yankee Machinegun" (off-vocal ver.)3:58

Theater Edition[edit]

1."Halloween Night" 
2."Sayonara Surfboard" (performed by Under Girls) 
3."Gunzō" (群像) 
4."Halloween Night" (off-vocal ver.) 
5."Sayonara Surfboard" (off-vocal ver.) 
6."Gunzō" (off-vocal ver.) 


"Halloween Night"[edit]

The senbatsu (member selection/lineup) for the song consists of 16 members. The center is Rino Sashihara.

"Sayonara Surfboard"[edit]

The undergirls selection consists of 16 members. The center is Haruka Kodama.

"Mizu no Naka no Dendōritsu"[edit]

The Next Girls selection consists of 16 members. The center is Chihiro Anai.

"Kimi ni Wedding Dress wo..."[edit]

The Future Girls selection consists of 16 members. The center is Sumire Satō.

"Kimi Dake ga Akimeiteita"[edit]

The Upcoming Girls selection consists of 16 members. The center is Makiko Saito.

"Ippome Ondo"[edit]

Consists of 16 members. The center is Mayu Watanabe.

"Yankee Machine Gun"[edit]

The opening theme of Majisuka Gakuen 5, consists of 18 members. The centers are Haruka Shimazaki and Sakura Miyawaki.


The ending theme of Majisuka Gakuen 5, consists of 7 members.

Release history[edit]

Region Date Format Label
Japan August 26, 2015

September 16, 2015 (LP)

King Records (YOU BE COOL division)
Hong Kong, Taiwan August 26, 2015 King Records
South Korea November 13, 2018


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