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A female stimulating a male's erect penis

A handjob is the manual stimulation of the penis or scrotum by another person to induce sexual pleasure, sometimes resulting in orgasm. Manual stimulation of the vagina, clitoris or rest of the vulva is fingering, while the manual stimulation of the genitals performed between two people is mutual masturbation. For circumcised people, lubrication is commonly used, while in uncircumcised people, a handjob is performed by moving the foreskin back and forth.

Prevalence in massage parlors[edit]

In massage parlours a masseuse, whether as part of the massage itself or directly after it, may perform a handjob on their customer; this is known by the euphemism "happy ending".[1][2]

According to a 1975 study by A. J. Velarde, in an unnamed American West Coast city, offering the client a handjob was a service masseuses were employed to give. Subsequent newspaper publicity caused by public awareness of the prevalence of this practice caused local governments to impose licensing requirements on masseuses, similar to the ones imposed on prostitutes. The sexual nature of this licensing led to an attitude that massage parlors would now offer sexual intercourse. Masseuses felt that they had nothing to lose by acting as prostitutes, and because the new regulations classified them as sex workers, masseuses often complied. This gave rise to more prostitution and solicitation in the city.[3][4]

An investigation by Time Out New York in January 2011 found many New York City massage parlors advertising "sensual massage" and providing handjobs. The parlors charged from $60 to $160, with an extra tip for the sex workers (usually $40) for a massage and manual "happy ending". Most of the massage parlors reviewed were "rub and tug joints" where handjobs were the only sexual services provided, and there was a strict policy of the male clients not touching the female workers.[5]

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