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"Wikipedia:Ref tools" redirects here. For referencing toolbar that is part of the default Wikipedia editor, see Wikipedia:RefToolbar.

The following tools can help you assemble a citation from limited information, with limited effort. These are tools with a variety of interfaces that provide a complete formatted reference based on a few initial details.

Bot-filled templates[edit]

The following templates depend on User:Citation bot, which is no longer being maintained. Their use is now deprecated.


Not working[edit]


Citation tools[edit]

Reference markup and citation templates may be inserted manually or by use of tools:

  • RefToolbar is part of the editing tool bar
  • ProveIt provides a graphical interface for editing, adding, and citing references. It may be enabled per the documentation
  • Citation expander automatically adds missing data to citations using citation templates, and makes corrections to their formatting
  • SnipManager adds a ribbon interface to add citations
  • wikEd

User scripts[edit]

Beta and obsolete[edit]




These templates can be used in documentation:

Typing aids