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City of Saskatoon neighbourhood
Wiggins Park
Wiggins Park
Holliston location map
Holliston location map
Coordinates: 52°6′39″N 106°37′48″W / 52.11083°N 106.63000°W / 52.11083; -106.63000Coordinates: 52°6′39″N 106°37′48″W / 52.11083°N 106.63000°W / 52.11083; -106.63000
Country  Canada
Province  Saskatchewan
City Saskatoon
Suburban Development Area Nutana
Neighbourhood Holliston
Annexed 1955-1959
Construction 1961-1970
 • Type Municipal (Ward 6)
 • Administrative body Saskatoon City Council
 • Councillor Cynthia Block
 • Total 1.22 km2 (0.47 sq mi)
Population (2007)
 • Total 3,412
 • Average Income $51,674
Time zone UTC (UTC-6)
Website Holliston Community Association

Holliston is a primarily residential neighbourhood located in the southeast part of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. It includes part of the 8th Street business district. Just over half of its dwellings are single detached houses, with a sizeable minority of duplex or apartment-style multiple unit dwellings. As of 2007, the area is home to 3,412 residents. The neighbourhood is considered a middle-income area, with an average family income of $51,674, and a home ownership rate of 62.8%.[1] According to MLS data, the average sale price of a home as of 2013 was $357,590.[2]


The land where Holliston now exists was annexed in the period between 1911 and 1919.[3] On a 1913 map of registered subdivisions, the land was divided into several parcels, with names such as Nutana Hill, University Homes, Nutana Park and University Park.[4] The area was not actively developed until after World War II, with home construction at its peak from 1946 until 1970.[1] Holliston School was built in 1956.[5] The Edmund Heights low-income property was developed in the 1950s as one of several limited dividend housing projects constructed in Saskatoon.[6]

Government and politics[edit]

Holliston exists within the federal electoral district of Saskatoon—Grasswood. It is currently represented by Kevin Waugh of the Conservative Party of Canada, first elected in 2015.[7]

Provincially, the area is divided by Louise Avenue and Isabella Street into the constituencies of Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood and Saskatoon Eastview. Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood is currently represented by Lisa Lambert of the Saskatchewan Party since 2016. Saskatoon Eastview is currently represented by Corey Tochor of the Saskatchewan Party since 2011.[8]

In Saskatoon's non-partisan municipal politics, Holliston lies within ward 6. It is represented by Councillor Cynthia Block, first elected in 2016.[9]



Holliston School
1511 Louise Avenue
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7H 2R2
Type Elementary
School board Saskatoon Public School Division
Principal Doug Gilmour
Grades Kindergarten to Grade 8
Enrollment 264[10] (2016)
Education system Public
Language English
Feeder to Walter Murray Collegiate
Sion Middle School
Sion Middle School (Saskatoon).jpg
2010 7th Street East
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7H 5K6
Type Secondary
Religious affiliation(s) Catholic
Opened 1960 (1960)[11]
Closed 2010
School board Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools
Grades Grade 6 to Grade 9
Education system Separate
Language English
  • Holliston School - public elementary, part of the Saskatoon Public School Division.[12] It was opened in 1956 and was named after William Holliston, who taught in Saskatoon schools from 1903 to 1940.[13] Alumni of note include Shaun Verrault and Safwan Javed, who met and became friends at school. They would go on to form the band Wide Mouth Mason.[14]
  • Sion Middle School - separate (Catholic) middle school, part of Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools. Located in the former St. Charles School, it was an alternative program school for Grades 6 to 9, where students were taught individualized academics with practical arts, guidance and behavioral support. Because of declining enrolment, the school board decided to close the school at the end of the 2009-2010 school year.[15] It has since been leased to the Saskatoon Tribal Council.[16]

Parks and recreation[edit]

  • Jeffrey Park - 0.8 acres (0.32 ha)
  • Wiggins Park - 2.9 acres (1.2 ha)
  • Canon Smith Park - 4.6 acres (1.9 ha)
  • Holliston Park - 5.4 acres (2.2 ha)

George Ward Pool is a public swimming pool that operates during the summer months.[17] It opened on July 29, 1965[18] and was named after George Ward, a longtime administrator, official and organizer of sport programs in Saskatchewan.[19]

The Holliston Community Association serves Holliston as well as the east part of the Haultain neighbourhood. It operates programs including sports for children/youth and fitness, recreation and leisure for all ages.[20]


Holliston's northern border is part of the 8th Street business district. 46 home-based businesses exist in the neighbourhood.


Holliston is located within the Nutana Suburban Development Area. It is bounded by 8th Street to the north, Preston Avenue to the east, Adelaide Street to the south, and Cumberland Avenue, Isabella Street, and Wiggins Avenue to the west. Louise Avenue, a collector road, roughly bisects the neighbourhood from north to south. Taylor Street, an arterial road, divides the neighbourhood into a northern two-thirds part and southern one-third part. Streets are laid out in both traditional grid and modern curved patterns. Streets are named after early pioneers from the Saskatoon area.[3]


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