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Shikun & Binui Ltd.

The Housing & Construction Holding Company Limited (Hebrew: שיכון ובינוי‎, Shikun UVinui) (also Shikun U'Binui) is one of the largest construction and infrastructure companies in Israel. Affiliated with the Shari Arison group, it is also an international holding and investment company.

In 2011 Shikun U'Binui was Israel's top real estate company.[1]

The subsidiaries of Shikun U'Binui have been operating since 1924. Shikun U'Binui specializes in developing and implementing complex transportation projects (roads, bridges, railways), construction of public buildings, and projects in the fields of water, sewage, desalination and energy. Among its leading projects are Highway 6(Trans-Israel Highway), the Hadera desalination plant and the Carmel Tunnels project.[2]

In June 2012, Shikun U'Binui was excluded from the Government Pension Fund of Norway (Europe's largest equity investor) for its involvement in " the building of settlements in breach of international humanitarian law in East-Jerusalem." [3] In December 2012, it was excluded by the New Zealand Superannuation Fund on similar grounds.[4]

Main Subsidiaries[edit]