Perion Network

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Perion Network Ltd.
FounderYaron Adler
Ofer Adler
HeadquartersHolon, Israel
Area served
Key people
Doron Gerstel (CEO)
Maoz Sigron (CFO)
RevenueIncrease US$478.5 million (2020)[1]
Increase US$38.7 million (2020)[1]
Number of employees
500 (as of March 14, 2021) [2]

Perion is an Israel-based technology company that provides digital advertising products and services.[3] It is headquartered in Holon, Israel, with offices in Tel Aviv, Paris, New York, London, Chicago, Boston, Kiev, Barcelona, and Seattle.[4][5][6]


Perion was formerly IncrediMail, an email company founded in 1999 by cousins Yaron and Ofer Adler.[7] Soon after its founding, they raised $3.3 million from private and institutional sources. The company created an IPO on NASDAQ in January 2006 and listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 2007.[8]

Perion was managed by its original founders until August 2010, when Josef Mandelbaum was appointed CEO.[9] Mandelbaum had previously been CEO of American Greetings Interactive, the internet branch of American Greetings.

In August 2011, Perion acquired the Redmond-based Smilebox for $32 million. Smilebox is an application for creating slideshows, e-cards, invitations and other digital photo albums.[10][11]

In November 2011, the company name changed to Perion, the Hebrew word for "productivity".[12]

In November 2012, Perion purchased Israel-based SweetPacks (or SweetIM) for approximately $41 million.[13][14] SweetPacks produced a variety of downloadable content for everyday use.

In January 2014, Perion acquired Conduit's ClientConnect business in an all-stock transaction valued at $660 million.[15]

In June 2014, the firm acquired San Francisco-based Grow Mobile as part of a repositioning of the company to focus on business-to-business services.[16]

In December 2015, the firm acquired the digital advertising company Undertone for $180 million.[17][18]

In September 2016, Josef Mandelbaum announced that he would step down as CEO.[19]

In April 2017, Doron Gerstel became the CEO.[20] Upon his arrival at Perion, Gerstel took steps to reduce the company’s debt and improve “operational efficiency”.[21] The company also expanded its digital television advertising business.[22]

In January 2020, Perion acquired Content IQ, a New York-based startup that optimizes digital advertising by doing tracking and analytics without cookies.[23]

In July 2020, Perion bought the assets of a digital publisher-focused ad-tech company called Pub Ocean, which it integrated into Content IQ.[24]

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