How's Your News?

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How's Your News?
Genre Comedy
Created by Arthur Bradford
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 6
Executive producer(s) Matt Stone
Trey Parker
Producer(s) Jennifer Ollman
Running time 30 minutes (incl. commercials)
Production company(s) AM/FM Pictures
Original network MTV
Original release February 8 – March 15, 2009
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How's Your News? is an American television series and also a feature film. It aired Sundays on MTV in the United States, and the feature film based on the same concept was released in 2003. It stars a group of reporters with developmental disabilities who interview celebrities and politicians. It is the continuation of a documentary film project started in 1999 by Arthur Bradford at Camp Jabberwocky in Martha's Vineyard, which was made into a movie of the same name and shown on HBO in 2003. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone serve as the show's executive producers.[1] Season One had a total of 6 episodes.

According to the "How's Your News?" website on April 9, 2009, the show has not been renewed for a second season on MTV, stating:

"The decision had little to do with the quality of the series, which was one of the most enthusiastically received and best reviewed programs on mtv this year. It’s just a tough financial time and mtv needed to keep pushing for higher ratings with other shows. Also, we always knew that our series was an unusual fit for their style of programming. We’re not “The Hills” or “America’s Next Best Dance Crew” after all…"[2]

After completing the feature film for HBO, the concept was pitched to the Trio network, who subsequently backed the short film "On the Campaign Trail", about the How's Your News? teams trip to both the Democratic and Republican conventions in 2004. The half-hour film was broadcast on Trio and Channel Four England and featured candid interviews with Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Andre 3000, Ben Affleck, Howard Dean, Michael Moore and Newt Gingrich, amongst others. Although it was rarely seen, this half-hour documentary was well reviewed and helped convince MTV of the viability of the concept as mainstream TV series. They funded a pilot in 2006.


  • Jeremy Vest
  • Susan Harrington
  • Robert "Bobby" Bird
  • Sean Costello
  • Larry Perry
  • Lucas Wahl
  • Brendan "B-Money" Lemieux


Season One

  1. Los Angeles, CA
  2. Las Vegas, NV
  3. Austin, TX
  4. New Orleans, LA
  5. Louisville, KY
  6. New York, NY



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