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A former estate on West 249th Street, today the dormitory of Yeshiva of Telshe Alumni

Hudson Hill, also known as Riverdale Estates, is an exclusive neighborhood of Riverdale[1] in the New York City borough of the Bronx. Bordered by the Henry Hudson Parkway on the east, the Hudson River on the west, West 246th Street on the south, and West 254th Street on the north, it boasts a rich history, a long list of landmarks, and numerous notable residences.


Hudson Hill rests on a natural acclivity beside the Hudson River, with successive streets west of the Henry Hudson Parkway rising parallel to one-another as they rise above the water. Early suggestions for the area's name included "Hudson Hillside Estates" and "Hillside Estates." [2] Prominent realtor Robert E. Hill was the first to formally distinguish Riverdale's Estate Area, a designation which led to higher property values.[3]

Famous Hudson Hill mansions include Greyston (1864), Alderbrook (1880), Stonehurst (1861), and Oaklawn (1863).[3] Such a rich history led to a unanimous vote by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to create the Riverdale Historic District, bound roughly by 252d and 254th Streets and Palisade and Independence Avenues. Many features commonly associated with the American romantic suburb of the mid-19th century are present in the area and throughout Hudson Hill, including a picturesque site, landscaping and architecture; ready access to the city; and a layout adapted to the topography.[4]

Hudson Hill is also home to the Wave Hill botanical garden and historical center. Its Wave Hill House was home for a time to Mark Twain,[5] among others. Across the street lies an older mansion some believe to have been featured in the motion picture The Godfather.[6] Today it is a dormitory for the Yeshiva of Telshe Alumni. Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. settled his family in a stately twenty-room Georgian-style mansion at 5040 Independence Avenue from 1927 to 1929.[7] Across the street from the home lies the retirement estate of former New York City Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia.[8]


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