Hunan Institute of Engineering

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Hunan Institute of Engineering
Hunan Institute of Engineering logo.jpg
Former names
Xiangtan Institute of Machinery
Motto 鍥而不捨 敢為人先
Motto in English
Perseverance and Initiative
Type National university
Established 1951
President Liu Guorong (刘国荣)
Administrative staff
Students 20,000
Location Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Nickname 湖工

Hunan Institute of Engineering (HIE) (simplified Chinese: 湖南工程学院; traditional Chinese: 湖南工程學院; pinyin: Húnán Gōngchéng Xuéyuàn) is located in Xiangtan, Hunan. It was founded in 1951 and is organized into 16 schools and departments.


Approved by the Ministry of Education in June 2000, the official name of HIE came into being as a result of the merger of Xiangtan Institute of Machinery (機械工業部湘潭機電專科學校) and Electricity Technology and Hunan Textile College (湖南紡織專科學校). Xiangtan Institute of Machinery and Electricity Technology, founded in 1951, affiliated with the former National Ministry of Machinery Industry, was appraised to be the national key construction modeling school of higher technical colleges of engineering. Hunan Textile College, founded in 1978, was attached to the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Textile Industry. HIE is under the joint support of the central government and Hunan provincial government, the latter being mainly in charge of its administration.

Notable alumni[edit]

Coordinates: 27°51′14″N 112°55′48″E / 27.8540°N 112.9299°E / 27.8540; 112.9299