I'll Never Smile Again

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"I'll Never Smile Again"
Ill never smile again.jpg
Single by Tommy Dorsey
Released 1940
Recorded May 23, 1940
Genre Jazz
Length 3:12
Songwriter(s) Ruth Lowe

"I'll Never Smile Again" is a 1940 song written by Ruth Lowe.[1]

The most successful and best-known version of the song was recorded by Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra, with vocals provided by Frank Sinatra and The Pied Pipers. This recording was released as a Victor 78, 26628A, in 1940. This version was number one on Billboard's first "National List of Best Selling Retail Records" — the first official national music chart — on July 27, 1940, staying at the top spot for 12 weeks until October 12, 1940.[2] The tune was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1982.[3] "I'll Never Smile Again" was recorded with vocals by Frank Sinatra and the Pied Pipers.[4] Glenn Miller and His Orchestra also recorded a version of the song in 1940 on RCA Bluebird.

The Platters brought the song back to the top 40 in 1961. Al Hirt released a version in (1962) on his Trumpet and Strings[5] and so did Bill Evans on Interplay[6] In 1965, Sinatra re-recorded the song for the double album A Man and His Music, complete with faithful reproduction of the celeste and choral accompaniment which characterized the 1940 recording. He also included it on his 1959 No One Cares album. It has been recorded by many other artists since, becoming a standard. Italian-American crossover artist Sergio Franchi covered this song on his 1967 RCA Victor album, From Sergio - With Love.[7] The song was also covered by popular Australian rock group Daddy Cool — they scored an Australian Top 20 hit with their version, which was released as a single in July 1972, shortly before the group broke up; they also performed it at their farewell concert in Melbourne, Australia in August 1972, which was recorded and subsequently released as a double-album in 1973.

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New chart The Billboard National Best Selling Retail Records number-one single
(Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra version)

July 27 – October 12, 1940 (12 weeks)
Succeeded by
"Only Forever"
by Bing Crosby with John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra