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International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) is an international non-profit society of professionals interested in energy economics. IAEE was founded in 1977, in the period of the energy crisis, when it became obvious that lack of knowledge on energy economics is one of the problems when dealing with the short- and long-term issues of energy supply and demand. IAEE is incorporated under United States laws and has headquarters in Cleveland. IAEE has over 4,500 members worldwide (in over 100 countries). There are over 25 national chapters, in countries where membership exceeds 25 individual members.

The IAEE publishes a renowned academic quarterly journal: The Energy Journal, the policy oriented journal: Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, and a newsletter "The IAEE Newsletter" .

Some of the regularly active national chapters of the IAEE are:


The main annual conference for IAEE is the IAEE International Conference that is organized at diverse locations around the world. From year 1996 on these conferences have taken place (or will take place) in the following cities:[1]

Other annual IAEE conferences are the North American Conference and European Conference.

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