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Illathu Nair are Hindu Kshatriya caste in the southern Indian state of Kerala, one of the subcastes belonging to the Nair community in Kerala described by anthropologist Kathleen Gough[1]. Nair (also known as Nayar or Malayala Kshatriyas the name of a Hindu forward caste from the Southern Indian state of Kerala. The Nair community as of 19th century was divided in to close to 200 subcastes. Until a few decades ago, the Nairs were divided into several sub-castes and inter-dining and inter-marriages were practically non-existent amongst them. The 1891 Census of India, undertaken by the British listed a total of 138 Nair subcastes in the Malabar region, 44 in the Travancore region and a total of 55 of them in the Cochin region. Also Nair has lineage from Nagas or Nagavanshi (snake-born), claiming descent from the Nāgas. The term "Nair" is derived from Nayaka, an honorific meaning "leader of the people", while others believe it stems from the "Nagas" association with the Naga cult of serpent worship.



The major divisions of Nair community are below which show the hierarchy of each Nair caste[3]

Royal Subcastes Kshatriya Subcastes Shudra Subcaste
Koil Thampuran Samanthan Nair (Nambiar, Thampi, Thampurans, Thirumulpad, Adiyodi, Nedungadi,Eradi , Nayanar etc) Maaran, Vātti,Chempukotti Nair
Samoothiri Kiryathil Nair & Vellāyma Nāyar (Nambiār, Kaimal, Kurup, Mannadiar etc) Otattu Nair,Puliyath Nair, Matavan Nair
Perumal Illathu Nair (Kartha, Thirumukom, Pillai etc) Kalamkotti Nair, Anduran Nair,Asthikkuracchi Mārār
Rajah Swaroopathil Nair, Menokki & Charna Nair (Menon, Menoky,etc) Chakkala Nair, Vattakkatan Nair , Chitikan Nair
Thampan Padamangalam Nair Chitikan Nair , Chetty Nair, Itasseri Nair
Thirumulpad Pallichan Nair Chaliyan Nair , Veluthedathu Nair, Vilakkithala Nair


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