Infanta Mariana Victoria of Portugal

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Infanta Mariana Vitória of Portugal (or of Braganza; alternatively Maria Ana Vitória; full name: Maria Ana Vitória Josefa of Braganza; pron. IPA: [mɐɾi'ɐnɐ] or [mɐ'ɾiɐ 'ɐnɐ vi'tɔɾiɐ ʒu'zɛfɐ]) (December 15, 1768November 2, 1788) was a Portuguese infanta, the third child and eldest daughter of Queen Maria I of Portugal and her king consort Peter III of Portugal.

Mariana Vitória was born in Queluz. She married Gabriel de Borbón, infante of Spain (son of King Charles III) and had three children, of whom two died young. Upon her early death, her children (effectively the survivor, her son Infante Pedro Carlos of Spain and Portugal) was recognized by their Portuguese grandmother as Infante of Portugal, in addition to that of Spain from their paternal side. The same took place with Pedro Carlos' only son Infante don Sebastian of Spain and Portugal.

Mariana died in Madrid at the age of 19.

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