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Inside Out Music
Parent companySony Music Entertainment
Founded1993; 31 years ago (1993)
FounderThomas Waber
Michael Schmitz
Distributor(s)Century Media (Germany)
The Orchard (US)
Sony Music (International)
GenreProgressive rock, progressive metal
Country of originGermany
LocationDortmund, Germany

Inside Out Music is a German progressive rock record label originally based in Kleve, North Rhine-Westphalia, and dedicated to the publication of progressive rock, progressive metal and related styles. In 2009, it formed a partnership with Century Media Records and moved its base of operations to Dortmund, also in North Rhine-Westphalia. In August 2015, Century Media was acquired by Sony Music and became its premier label for progressive music.


The label was founded in 1993 by Thomas Waber and Michael Schmitz[1] and started its publications re-issuing albums of new American prog metal acts like Symphony X and Shadow Gallery for the European market and then signing important prog artists like Steve Hackett. Inside Out signed a worldwide distribution contract with the German music company SPV and branched out with the U.S. division InsideOut US, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In 2009, SPV had to file for bankruptcy,[2] and Inside Out partnered up with Century Media Records, which had secured a worldwide distribution contract with EMI.[3]

Several important bands of the new school of progressive rock are signed to Inside Out, including Riverside, Haken, Pain of Salvation, Spock's Beard, The Safety Fire, The Flower Kings and Enchant. In addition, the label established links to other relevant bands in the prog scene, issuing the solo albums of Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie and a selection of Mike Portnoy's side projects.

For some time, Inside Out also published digitally reworked re-releases of albums from the Krautrock era (for example, from the band Kraan) under the sub-label Revisited Records.

The surrounding area of the label headquarters has often served as an inspiration for the album art. For example, the petrol dispenser of Spock's Beard Octane cover is in Kleve as is the lake on Threshold's Subsurface cover.

A characteristic feature for the label's releases is their lavish publication work. Several albums appear in special editions, containing extensive bonus materials such as bonus tracks, extended artwork and/or multimedia segments.

The label's founder, Thomas Waber, won the "Guiding Light" award at the 2013 Progressive Music Awards.[4] The label signed Dream Theater in December 2017, arguably the biggest signing in the label's history at that point.[5]

InsideOut US is the stateside division of the German record label InsideOut Music. It specializes in progressive rock and progressive metal. It is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.




Revisited Records label[edit]

This label specializes in the reissue of selected Krautrock and electronic pioneers, including:


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