Iranian national identity card

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Iranian national identity card
(کارت ملی)
Iranian NID Card.jpg
An example of Iranian NID card.
Issued by  Iran
Eligibility requirements 15 years of age
Expiration no expiration date

Every permanent resident of Iran above the age of 15, whether a citizen or not, must hold a valid National Identity (NID) Card (Persian:کارت ملی) or at least obtain their National Identification Number from any of the local Vital Records branches of the Ministry of Interior.

In order to apply for an NID Card, the applicant must be at least 15 years old and have their photograph attached to their Certificate of Identity- which is done by the Vital Records.

Starting June 21, 2008, the NID Cards are compulsory for many things in Iran and Iranian Missions abroad (e.g. obtaining a passport, driver's licence, any banking procedure,etc.)[1]

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