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Austria identity card
Austrian identity card - front and back.png
Issued by Template:Country data Austrian
Valid in

Template:Country data Austrian
 European Union member states

 San Marino
  Vatican City
 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Isle of Man
 Faroe Islands
 Greenland (de facto)
 North Cyprus
 FranceFrench overseas territories
 Faroe Islands
 Greenland (de facto)
 Jordan (organized tours through Aqaba airport[citation needed]
Type of document Compulsory identity document

The Austrian identity card is issued to Austrian citizens. It can be used as a travel document when visiting countries in the EFTA countries, Europe's microstates, the British Crown Possessions, Albania,[citation needed] Bosnia and Herzegovina,[citation needed] Georgia,Kosovo, Moldova,Montenegro,[citation needed] the Republic of Macedonia,[citation needed] North Cyprus,[1] Serbia,[citation needed] the French overseas territories and British Crown Possessions, and on organized tours to Jordan (through Aqaba airport) and Tunisia. Only around 10 % of the citizens of Austria have this card,[2] as they can use driver's licenses or other identity cards domestically and the more widely accepted Austrian passport abroad.


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