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National Card
البطاقة الوطنية (Arabic)
كارتى نيشتمانى (Kurdish)
Date first issuedJanuary 1, 2016
Issued by Iraq
Valid in Iraq
Type of documentCompulsory identity document EPassport logo.svg
PurposeCitizenship and Identification
Eligibility requirementsIraqi citizenship
Expiration10 years after issuance
Cost5,000 dinar (first/renewal)

The Iraqi National Card (البطاقة الوطنية/كارتى نيشتمانى) is an electronic biometric card issued by the Ministry of Interior from January 1, 2016. It replaced the Nationality Certificate (شهادةالجنسية/ڕەگەزنامه) and Civil Identification Document (هوية الأحوال المدنية/کارتی باری که‌سێتی) previously issued. In 2018 it will also replace the Residency Card (بطاقة السكن/کارتی زانیاری). This card has a high security platform and is connected directly to the Iraqi Civil System.


The Ministry of Interior awarded Giesecke & Devrient the contract for this project on October 31, 2013. The National Card was first issued starting January 1st, 2016 and is rolling out to each of the 190 districts of Iraq over a period of several years with the goal of issuing a id card to every Iraqi citizen.


The new National Card is an ID-1 (credit card size) plastic card with an embedded RFID chip. It is covered with multi-color guillochés. All the information on it is given in Arabic and Kurdish.

Front side[edit]

The front side shows the coat of arms of Iraq and the words "جمهورية العراق / Republic of Iraq", "وزارة الداخلية / Ministry of Interior" and "مديرية الجنسية العامة / General Directorate of Nationality". It contains the following information:

Rear side[edit]

Machine-readable zone[edit]

First line[edit]

positions text meaning
1-2 ID Identity Document
3-5 IRQ issuing country: Iraq (IRQ)
6-14 alphanumeric digits Access number for RFID chip (2 alphabetic digits + 7 decimal digits)
15 decimal digit check digit over 6-14
16-27 decimal digit document number (12 decimal digits)

Second line[edit]

positions text meaning
1-6 decimal digits date of birth (YYMMDD)
7 decimal digit check digit over 1-6
8 alphabetic digit Gender (Male/Female)
9-14 decimal digits date of expire (YYMMDD)
15 decimal digit check digit over 9-14
16-18 IRQ nationality of holder: Iraqi (IRQ)
30 decimal digit check digit over 6-30 (upper line), 1-7, 9-15, 19-29 (middle line)

Third line[edit]

positions text meaning
1-30 alphabetic digits GIVEN<NAME

Empty spaces are represented by "<".

Security features[edit]

The identity card contains the following security features: It has an RFID chip.


It costs 5,000 Iraqi dinars for a new card application, which is equal to US$4.

Description Cost
issue 1st time / renewal 5,000 د.ع
replace broken or corrupt card 10,000 د.ع
replace lost card 1st time 25,000 د.ع
replace lost card 2nd time 50,000 د.ع
replace lost card after 2nd time 100,000 د.ع
update picture 1,000 د.ع
make correction or addition 1,000 د.ع

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