Ishwarganj Upazila

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Ishwarganj is located in Bangladesh
Location in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 24°39′0″N 90°30′0″E / 24.65000°N 90.50000°E / 24.65000; 90.50000Coordinates: 24°39′0″N 90°30′0″E / 24.65000°N 90.50000°E / 24.65000; 90.50000
Country  Bangladesh
Division Mymensingh Division
District Mymensingh District
 • Total 286.19 km2 (110.50 sq mi)
Population (1991)
 • Total 306,977
 • Density 1,100/km2 (2,800/sq mi)
Time zone BST (UTC+6)
Postal code 2280
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Ishwarganj (Bengali: ঈশ্বরগঞ্জ) is an Upazila of Mymensingh District in the Division of Mymensingh, Bangladesh.


Ishwarganj is located at 24°41′00″N 90°37′30″E / 24.6833°N 90.6250°E / 24.6833; 90.6250. It has 56,296 households. The total area of the Upazila is 286.19 km².[1] It borders Gaurepur Upozila to the north, Nandail to the south, Kendowa to the east and Trisal Upazila to the west. It is 147 km from Dhaka and 24 km from Mymensing.

Kancha Matia River flows through the upazila.


According to the 1991 Bangladesh census, Ishwarganj had a population of 306,977, of whom 143,379 were aged 18 or over. Males constituted 50.8% of the population, and females 49.2%. Ishwarganj has an average literacy rate of 22.2% (7+ years), against the national average of 32.4%.[2]

Points of interest[edit]

There are very prominence areas in Ishwarganj Upazila,Atharabari Railway Station and Bazar, Luxmigonj Bazar, Mizebag, Like Mirzapur, Tarundia, Uchakhila, Borohit, 10 number more, Sohagi Railway Station, Uchakhila Bazar etc.

Atharabari Bazar is a gratest Hat in Mymensingh. From the ancient period Atharabari was famous for Roybazer, Last year this Bazar izara/tender was above 2 crore. Kalbala Bazar is also famous for Jute market, there are a lot of Jute Godowns for processing Jute in Mymensingh Division. It is famous for Jute processing from the age of golden fiber. Atharabari Zaminder Bari was famous for his location, beauty and prosperity. If mymensingh is famous as education city but Atharabari is famous for his prosperity. Atharabari M.C. High School, Atharabari Degree College, Roybazar Girls High School, Kalbala Girls High School, Sorati Hossainia Kamil Madrasha, Uttaran High School and there are a lot of Govt. Primary School and Kinder Garden School. Atharabari is called a City of Ishwarganj. (Melon - H.C.)

Once upon a time Ishwarganj and Uchakhila bazar was very famous market in Mymensingh division. Basically these was famous for jute and cow/bull market.

Now The name of big Cow bazar is "Lexmigonj Bazar" in Ishwargonj Upazila which bide price 72 lac(2016/2017 y


Member of the Parliament: Fakrul Imam [Jatio Party]

Upazila Chairman: Mahmud Hasan Sumon (BAL)

Vice Chairman:Aminul Islam Bhuyan ( Moni ) [BNP]

Woman Vice Chairman: Shefali Hamid. [BNP]

Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO): Razib Khumar Sarker

Ishwarganj has 11 Unions/Wards, 293 Mauzas/Mahallas, and 296 villages.

1. Name of Powrashaba :- Ishwargonj

2.Name of Union below:-

  • Ishwargonj  : 1 No. union(Md. Abu Hanifa (Hanif))
  • Shohagi  : 2 No. union(Md. Habibur Rhaman)
  • Shorisha  : 3 No. union
  • Atarobari  : 4 No. union(Md. Alamgir Kabir)
  • Jatiya  : 5 No. union( Md. Jonto)
  • Maizbagh  : 6 No. union(Md-Anwar Parvaz)
  • Mogtola.  : 7 No. union(Md. Mamun)
  • Rajibpur : 8 No. union, Doc.Chan Miah(Md. Mudabbir Hosen)
  • Uchakhila  : 9 No. union,Chairman: MD.SHAFIQUL ISLAM SHAFIQ
  • Tarundia  :10 No. union, Chairman:- (Md.Abdul Halim )
  • Borohit  : 11 No. union,Chairman: MD.Shajalal


Agriculture 70.52%, Non Agriculture 3.38%, Business 10.22%, Service 3.84%, Others 12.04%. Total Agricultural land 70718 acre, single crop land 3763 acre, double crop land 40424 acre, triple crop land 15661 acre, quadruple crop land 692 acre. Net crop land 60540 acre, Gross crop land 134362 acre.


Ishwaraganj's educational institutes include:

  • Ishwarganj Degree College [3]
  • Ishwarganj Bisweswari Pilot High School [4]
  • Uchakhila Higher Secondary School and college
  • Ishwarganj Mohila College
  • Atharabari College
  • Alinogor Technical & Commercial College
  • Atharabari M.C. High School
  • Barohit High School
  • Charjhithor High School
  • Charnikhla High School
  • Ishwargonj Ideal College
  • Kasimpur High School
  • Konapara High School
  • Madhupur M.L. High School
  • Maizbag Pas Para High School
  • Mollik pur High School, (Laxmigonj)
  • Moricharchor High School
  • Postail High school
  • Rajibpue AU High School
  • Shakhua A.B.N High school
  • Shohagi Union High School
  • Tarundia Jagat Memorial High School
  • D.S. Kamil Madrasha
  • Kazir Bolsha Dakhil Madrasha
  • Mohespur Dakil Madrasha
  • Pitambar Para Alia Madrasha, (Laxmigonj)
  • Shakhwa Mozidia Dakhil Madrasha
  • Uchakhila Keramotia S.A Madrasha
  • Dhitpur High School
  • Sree Nogor Dakhil Madrasha

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