Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012

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Eurovision Song Contest 2012
Country  Italy
National selection
Selection process Artist: Sanremo 2012
Song: Internal Selection
Selection date(s) Artist: 18 February 2012
Song: 13 March 2012
Selected entrant Nina Zilli
Selected song "L'amore è femmina"
Finals performance
Final result 9th, 101 points
Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Italy participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Italian entry was selected through an internal selection, organised by the Italian broadcaster RAI. The artist was selected by a special committee from the participants of the Sanremo Music Festival 2012 and the song selection was carried out by the artist. Nina Zilli represented Italy with the song "L'amore è femmina", which placed 9th in the final, scoring 101 points.[1][2]

Internal selection[edit]

Artist selection[edit]

On 16 January 2012, RAI confirmed that the performer that would represent Italy in Baku would be announced during the final evening of Sanremo Music Festival 2012.[3] The artist selection was exclusive from the actual Sanremo Music Festival competition and the results of that competition were not relevant to which artist would ultimately represent Italy. All competing artists in the competition were considered by a special committee formed to select the most suitable performer for Eurovision.[3]

The competing artists were:[3]

On 18 February 2012 during the final evening of the Sanremo Music Festival, Eurovision Song Contest 2011 winners Ell & Nikki announced that Nina Zilli would represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.[4]

Song selection[edit]

On 3 March, the song "Per sempre" was confirmed as the Italian entry.[5] However, the decision was changed on 13 March and "L'amore è femmina" was confirmed as the song Zilli would perform in Baku.[2]

At Eurovision[edit]

Italy automatically qualified to compete in the final on 26 May 2012 as part of the "Big Five". Italy was drawn to perform tenth, after France and preceding Estonia. Italy achieved 9th place with 101 points, finishing in the top ten for a second consecutive year.

Split results[edit]

  • In the Final Italy came 9th with 101 points: the televote awarded Italy 17th place with 56 points and the jury awarded 4th place with 157 points.

Points awarded to Italy[edit]

Points awarded to Italy (Final)[1]
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Points awarded by Italy[edit]

  • Italy was the only country that didn't award points to the winner Sweden.

Televoting points awarded by Italy[edit]

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