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Giovanni Battista Righi
Born 1469
Fabriano, Papal States
Died 11 March 1539 (aged 70)
Cupramontana, Papal States
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Beatified 7 September 1903, Saint Peter's Basilica, Kingdom of Italy by Pope Pius X
Feast 11 March
Attributes Franciscan habit

Blessed Giovanni Battista Righi (1469 – 11 March 1539) was an Italian Roman Catholic priest and a professed member from the Order of Friars Minor. He was known for ascetic life and for his preaching and healing abilities.[1][2]

The beatification received confirmation from Pope Pius X on 7 September 1903 after the pontiff issued a decree that ratified the local and popular "cultus" for the late Franciscan priest.


Giovanni Battista Righi was born in Fabriano in 1469 to nobles. He became a member of the Order of Friars Minor in Forano in 1484 where he later made his solemn profession and was ordained as a priest.[1] He lived as a hermit at Cupramontana from 1511 until his death and he preached and tended to the ill there while in his hermitage. People flocked to hear him speak and his example led to others repenting from their sins and some even converting back to the faith.[2]

Righi died on 11 March 1539 and his remains were later transferred to an altar at the church of San Giacomo della Romita.[1]


Pope Pius X confirmed the late hermit's beatification on 7 September 1903 after the pope confirmed Righi's longstanding and popular "cultus" - otherwise known as popular devotion to the late priest.


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