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Biira in August 2010.

Joy Doreen Biira (born September 5, 1986) is a Ugandan broadcaster. She is currently working with Standard Group Kenya as anchor/reporter with KTN Kenya. Before joining Kenya's lead Television, Joy worked in Uganda as a news anchor / show host on NBS Television and weekend radio host on Capital FM Radio. Joy is also a voice-over artist, inspirational and motivational speaker, writer and part-time editorial print model.


Joy Doreen Biira was born September 5, 1986 to John and Beatrice Baluku in Kasese (Rwenzururu Kingdom) Uganda. As a child, Joy grew up with a liking for art, cars, and media arts. Exposure to reading material on vast ways of life at an early age played a role in nurturing her career path.

She completed UCE and UACE at Kyebambe Girls School in 2002 and Immaculate Heart high School in 2004 respectively. In September 2005, Joy joined Makerere University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. As an evening program student, in her first year, worked as a part-timer for the day hours with a Branding company (Branding Uganda Ltd) where she, at 19, dealt with operations and at the same time poached through the Mass Communication classes at University. It was there that she picked the interest in Media Arts.


After her second year at Faculty of Information Technology at Makerere University, Biira took a dead semester into her final year to gain experience in the media industry. She was trained as a researcher for in-depth stories & general journalistic skills by experts in media consultancy giving her competitive advantage with the professionally trained journalists. She started as an unpaid volunteer/ intern but and now as a full-time paid employee.

In early 2008, Joy Doreen Biira was employed as a week day Morning Show co-host at NBS Television with Shawn Kimuli, broadcasting at the network's headquarters in the capital Kampala, Uganda.

The Morning Breeze on NBS TV, is a live broadcast of current news, Newspaper reviews, Interviews, Features and Live Entertainment just to mention a few. The show on commencement was the pioneering breakfast show on Ugandan TV air.

Interactive and all people talk Show that addresses growing business power matters, health, sport and culture as well as relevant current affairs in a systematic and professional way with live-in calls. The show is viewed by half of the population across the country.

The “Morning Breeze on NBS TV” is currently the number one breakfast show in Uganda. The show runs from 7am-10am Monday to Friday. Through on job training, Joy is now top news anchor for prime time news and also reports on political, business & entertainment stories across the country, where she conducts one-on-one interviews with different personalities (top politicians, business moguls, entertainment stars etc.).

On September 1, 2008, Joy was called by Capital Radio, the leading English radio station in Uganda, to audition for a radio show & with just the first round of the trials; she was instantly taken on as Radio co-host of the weekend breakfast show on which she first aired on September 6, 2008. She also solely presents Capital Radio’s Sunday Drive a music variety show that’s informative with interviews, news & core general arts entertainment. Both shows on Capital radio today have grown to be the most listened to shows during the weekend with lots of fans glued to them.

In 2009, Joy resumed classes to complete her Information Technology degree course & currently awaits graduation this December 2010 from Makerere University. She has also embarked on a three year Journalism course that she completes in 2012.

Joined KTN Kenya in January 2012.

Personal Interests[edit]

Joy Doreen Biira is an Environmentalist. The 28 year old is among the brains behind the NBS Television Ltd “31 Million Ugandans, 31 Million Trees” country wide tree planting campaign in Uganda. The campaign that was hailed and launched by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda on May 8, 2010. The project is part of a collective effort to mitigate the effects of global warming.

“31 Million Ugandans, 31 Million Trees” tree planting project also falls in line with achievement of the 7th United Nations Millennium Development goal, “Ensure environmental sustainability” as well as Uganda’s effort to achieve the same. The target is to integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes and reverse the loss of environmental resources. Also reduce biodiversity loss, achieving, by 2010, a significant reduction in the rate of loss. Joy’s interests strike through media arts. To Social, political, economic and cultural affairs in Africa and the international scene.


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