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Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len
Vocaloid Kagamine rin len logo 2015.png
Kagamine Rin/Len V4x and English bundle
Kagamine Rin/Len V4x and English bundle
Original author(s) Yamaha
Developer(s) Crypton Future Media
Initial release December 27, 2007; 10 years ago (2007-12-27)
Stable release
4x / December 24, 2015; 2 years ago (2015-12-24)
Operating system Windows
Platform PC
Available in English, Japanese
Type Vocal Synthesizer Application
License Commercial proprietary software
Website ec.crypton.co.jp/pages/prod/vocaloid/cv02

Kagamine Rin & Len (鏡音リン・レン, Kagamine Rin & Len), sometimes referred to as Rin & Len Kagamine, are humanoid personas voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media, headquartered in Sapporo, Japan. They use Yamaha Corporation's Vocaloid 2 and Vocaloid 4 singing synthesizing technology. Their voices are sampled by Asami Shimoda. They have performed at live concerts onstage as animated projections.

Their names are derived from the concept of 'left' and 'right', like on earphones. Their surnames came from the Japanese words for "mirror" (, kagami) and "sound" (, ne).


Rin & Len were developed by Crypton Future Media using Yamaha's Vocaloid 2. Their voices were created by taking vocal samples from voice actress Asami Shimoda at a controlled pitch and tone. They were the second release within the "Character vocal series," which included the vocals Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka. Rin was the first of the Kagamines to be illustrated and Len was made to match her, following Crypton's concept.[1]

They received mixed results from producers because compared to Hatsune Miku, they were considered much harder vocals to use. Asami Shimoda noted that she often received comments from Vocaloid fans that Rin's voice echoes within their head and makes them feel dizzy, while Len's higher ranges were not favoured by those not fond of the pair entirely.[2]

Despite being released as a masculine character, during the development of VY2, the vocals of Ryuto or Len were not classified as "masculine vocals" and were not considered capable of holding a low masculine tones because of it. As a result, he and Ryuto were not referenced in the development of VY2.[3]

Additional software[edit]

Due to a number of complaints and issues with the original vocal, it was replaced with the "act2" package. This package acted independently from the original package.[4] It addressed issues regarding their ability to vocalize clearly. People who purchased the old version were able to claim the updated disk until 20 September 2008.[5]

In 2010 after Hatsune Miku Append was released for Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin & Len Append was released for Rin & Len. Rin's appends are "power," "warm," and "sweet" while Len's appends are "power," "cold," and "serious."[6]

An update, Kagamine Rin/Len V4X, was released for Vocaloid 4 on December 24th, 2015. This package contains six Japanese vocals, three for Rin and three for Len. They are updates on the old vocals from Vocaloid2. Rin's vocals are "Power EVEC," "Warm" and "Sweet" while Len's are "Power EVEC," "Cold" and "Serious." EVEC is a new system developed for Piapro Studios which allows delicate changes to how phonetic sounds sound. There are two options for the EVEC vocals: "Power" and "Soft." All Rin and Len vocals can use the new Cross-Synthesis system developed for Vocaloid4, though are limited to only being able to do so with other vocals of their assign character of "Rin" or "Len". An English vocal was also released alongside their V4x on the same day; it was sold separately but was also purchasable as a bundle with the main V4x release.


20,000 copies were sold on initial release.[7] The Kagamine Append package was released and went straight to fifth place on December 2010, the day of their release. [8]


During development Crypton's initial concept was to make a pair of female and male vocals. The first idea of this concept was twin voices of a girl and her mirror image of opposite gender. Crypton Future Media had the intention to distribute them as twins but this idea was not adopted and their relationship was left unconfirmed. [9]

After seeing many works that depict their relationships differently, Crypton announced on a magazine interview that those would meet their ideal. Crypton's final announcement was they are neither siblings nor lovers[10][11]

During Vocaloid 2 Append production, Wataru Sasaki described them as having one soul between the two of them. having only one append shared, POWER.

For their appends, Wataru wanted them to have a sense of transparency with their design.[12] In clarification to what he meant by this, he stated the "transparency" was in reference to their hearts.[13]

For the V4x design, Rin was given a more silver/whiter look to make her appearance more refreshing.[14] The design also was based more on the EOS B700 rather than the Kx5 because of it more whiter appearance.[15] More synthesizer base music symbols were used in addition.[16]


Age 14 years
Birthday December 27
Height 152 cm / 5 ft 0 in
Weight 43 kg / 95 lb
Append Suggested tempo Suggested vocal range
ACT2 85-175BPM F♯3-E♯5
Power 65-170BPM F3-B4
Warm 60-160BPM F3-B4
Sweet 55-155BPM G3-C5
V4X Suggested tempo Suggested vocal range
Power 50-170BPM F2-E4
Warm 50-160BPM F2-C4
Sweet 55-155BPM G2-D4
English 55-155BPM G2-B3


Age 14 years
Birthday December 27
Height 156 cm / 5 ft 1 in
Weight 47 kg / 104 lb
Append Suggested tempo Suggested vocal range
ACT2 70-160BPM D3-C♯5
Power 65-170BPM A2-D4
Cold 60-160BPM B2-C4
Serious 55-155BPM A2-C4
V4X Suggested tempo Suggested vocal range
Power 60-170BPM D2-D4
Cold 60-160BPM E2-C4
Serious 55-155BPM F2-C4
English 55-155BPM E2-G#3


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